A feeling of defeat

IMG_7568Yesterday I walked around a local park, just to see the sun shining on the snow.  Every surface was covered with light, sparkling snow.  It was gorgeous.  I took many photos, and not one of them captured the beauty.

I had just visited a friend in the hospital.  I had to marvel that two weeks prior, at the Sunday morning meeting, she had mentioned that she was having relatively minor surgery the following week and was terrified of a particular potential bad outcome.  She then mentioned that there was a 1% chance of that happening.  She laughed, we laughed.  That’s the way we think, isn’t it?  Well, she did have that outcome.  She nearly died, she had to have another emergency surgery, and is now missing several feet of intestine, and spent several days in ICU.  Even with the most smooth recovery, she will not be able to return to work for probably 90 days and has no way to support herself in the meantime.

My daughter, one of her friends, and his son came over and watched the game.  We had good food and good company.  The rest was not so good.  ‘Nuff said.

I couldn’t help but wonder how many people would end up in jail in the hours after the super bowl.  DUI.  Domestic Violence.  Stupid fights.  There was a shooting at one “party” in town.   And yesterday morning at the meeting I looked around and saw so many young men who would experience their first sober super bowl.  It is an amazing experience.  Many of us have never seen (or do not remember) the 4th quarter of the SB prior to getting sober.

All weekend I considered that I could sit down and write, but I was so busy and I kept thinking that on my death bed I will probably never wish I had spent more time blogging.


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4 Responses to A feeling of defeat

  1. daisyanon says:

    So sorry to hear about your friend.

  2. Kelly says:

    I will pray for your friend. So scary how things can take a turn for the worst in the blink of an eye.

    You might not wish you had spent more time blogging, but I bet your loved ones will appreciate what you left behind (even if you didn’t blog another day after today). I wish I had things of my grandmother’s to read- or even my mother’s. Neither have left any written memories about their life experiences. I feel it would help me identify with them more and just know them more as people. I have a couple of silly journals with specific questions in them about my life. I fill them out with the intention of my son or even his children one day being able to look back at what I’ve written and get a glimpse of my life.

  3. Syd says:

    Well, I too have been busy and haven’t been writing, other than journaling. I didn’t watch the game. I know how you probably felt.
    We don’t know from one moment to the next how things will go in our lives. Every day matters.

  4. Mary LA says:

    I hope your friend is getting better — how scary!

    I don’t regret writing ever because it is my way pf reaching out and connecting — I see and talk with people around me, I write or phone those further away.

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