Friday, Friday

IMG_7175These are the slippers I knit for my sister.  I am currently knitting another pair for a friend.  She saw them in December and just raved and raved and raved – what else was I to do but knit a pair for her?  They are easy-peasy to knit.  Oh, and my sister loves them too.

It’s Friday.  I am glad.  I have a three day weekend ahead.   My new job is good and challenging, I am a good fit for it, but it is a LOT of work.  And some of it is very emotionally draining.  For instance, one of my employees didn’t show up yesterday.  This is SO out of character for her that by mid-afternoon my boss and I were about to call the police to do a welfare check.  Just then she called.  Weird.  We had been calling and texting and e-mailing all day.  I even called her husband at work.  She was horrified that we did that… but honestly, what would we do?  I told everyone involved that if I ever don’t show up they should be very alarmed and please check on me.  I live alone and one of my fears is that I will die in my house and just decompose before anyone figures out I am missing.

I may decide to go to a movie a day over the weekend.  There are a number of nominated movies I have not yet seen.  I love movies.  I love going to movies.  I love sitting in the theater.  The whole thing, I just love.

OK, I will be late for work if I keep writing this, so I am going to sign off.  Hope you all have a wonderful Friday.

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways.  The Lord be with you all.  — 2 Thessalonians 16


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6 Responses to Friday, Friday

  1. Annette says:

    I love the movies too. Do you eat popcorn when you go? Because I do….minus the butter these days which I feel is a good enough compromise! And a diet coke. I love it! Lol And I’m glad your coworker was ok.

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  2. Hope says:

    Those look like cozy slippers! Soft.
    I love movies, too. In three months we are moving to the city and being able to go to movies is one of the things I am looking forward to.
    I’m glad all is well with your coworker. It’s a blessing to have people who care.

  3. Syd says:

    Movies are great. We have seen most all of the really good films in the past six months. Everything is so much grander in a movie theater.

    • When I try to watch a movie at home, I get too distracted by things around the house and seldom watch the whole movie. When I go to the theater, even if I don’t really like the movie, per se, I like the experience of going to the movie.

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