The First Day of 2014

IMG_7301It’s the first day of the year.  A year that I feel so hopeful about.  Driving home from Mass this morning, I saw the most incredible clouds, I drove to a nearby vantage point and took some photos.  I had already decided to take at least one photo a day in 2014.  I made a new blog for them.  I am hopeful it will force me to find beauty in every single day.

This year my resolutions are not about losing weight and getting out of debt.  They are not about getting new jobs or getting promotions.

What I want most is peace and love.  Sounds silly, like a beauty contest response, but it I am talking about my little sphere, not the entire universe.

I have friends I don’t see often enough.  I want that to change.

I can be more generous with my resources, including time and energy.  I can be more involved in others lives.  I will take my daughter’s advice and get involved in things that don’t involve my family.  She suggested that I should hang out with people who don’t take God’s name in vain – what an idea!

I will work more consistently on learning how to be an iconographer.

It is entirely possible to let go of worrying, it is not easy, but it is possible, and I would like to live without anxiety.

My financial situation is what it is.  I have “applied myself” since July and have made some progress, but it is exceedingly slow.  Getting out of debt is an extremely slow process.  I thought if I just changed my behavior, it would change everything, but it isn’t that simple.  I am just not creating more wreckage, but the wreckage remains and doesn’t clean up very easily.  I am going to work on stop feeling like a loser because of this.

If this life is a gift from God, which I believe it is, my job as a grateful recipient of this gift is to honor it and enjoy it.  That is what I hope 2014 will be about for me.



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4 Responses to The First Day of 2014

  1. Syd says:

    I like the idea of having peace and love as actions for each day in 2014. I will add compassion to that as well. It sounds good to me.

  2. Mary says:

    MC, Love the idea of your new blog and look forward to each day’s picture. I think I can take a lesson from you on resolutions … forget the weight loss and concentrate on the important things. Thanks for the reality check and I wish you a wonderful 2014.

  3. Mary LA says:

    Such a lovely vision for 2014. Peace and love to you this year, Mary Christine

  4. daisyanon says:

    Happy New Year Mary.

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