Gaudete Sunday

IMG_1433Heading out in a minute for Mass.  I love Gaudete Sunday and purchased a special pink sweater for the occasion several years ago.  I wear it on Gaudete Sunday in Advent and Laetare Sunday in Lent.  I know it is probably ridiculous to buy special clothes for liturgical colors, but I do.  Thank God green is my favorite color because it is the color of ordinary time, which is most of the year.

Just one more Sunday in Advent, this is a very short Advent.  I love Advent.

For most of us though, it is a crazy time of getting ready for secular “Christmas,” so we are too busy to be getting our souls ready for Baby Jesus.  I had hoped that knitting the gifts this year would help, and I think it actually has.  I have been forced to schedule time to sit at home and knit.  That was part of my reasoning when I started this in August.  And I think it has worked.

I shipped out a pair of slippers, all wrapped in red paper and red ribbons this morning for my sister.  The other slippers are all done with the exception of the finishing touches on the tiny girl’s pair.  Made my grandson a beautiful watch cap of the most gorgeous yummy soft soft yarn.  Will make my son a hat to match.  They will be good in the Montana winters.

I am loving having this little dog here.  I love walking him.  I love having him here and don’t think I want to give him up next week (except the minor detail that he pees and poos in the house).

Gotta go to church now.  I am so grateful for the grounding presence of the Church in my life.  For all the santas and snowmen and sleds, I think I know what this is really all about.  Thank God.


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4 Responses to Gaudete Sunday

  1. Syd says:

    Because we are having simple Christmas this year and no party, we are feeling much relief and not much stress. It feels so good.
    I guess the little dog didn’t get house trained well but it may be that toy dog breeds are hard to train too.

  2. atomic momma says:

    toy breeds are well known for difficulty in housebreaking but the little guy could also be feeling separation anxiety and going in the house.

    I think a dog is in your future!!!! :0 🙂

  3. Annette says:

    I am so happy that you are enjoying the dog! When he goes, I have 5 that you can choose from. ;o)
    What is Gaudete Sunday?

  4. Mary LA says:

    I’ve house trained many dogs, Mary Christine, and I reward them when they do their stuff outside and I take them out at regular intervals as much as I can. I also put down newspaper inside, near the door and reward if the dog goes there. It is slow work though and the longer it is put off, the harder it will be to get the dog to do what is wanted.

    Love to think of you in pink on Gaudete Sunday!

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