Another dog

IMG_7138My son’s little dog has come here to stay for a while.  On the same day that my daughter and HER dog moved into their apartment.  It seems maybe I am supposed to have a dog?

Today my son heads back to Montana.  Their house was sold, they are moved out.  My daughter-in-law now has an apartment for a few months, my son has rented a house which won’t be available until the first of the year.  He is currently living in a camper – which is fine in the summer or even a mild Colorado winter, but isn’t working out so well in frigid Montana.  The propane froze, the water froze, he is basically living in a tin can.

Yesterday I was talking with my only stable child at this point.  I told her I am just sick about her brother.  She asked about her sister.  Her car’s broken down, it’s close to 10 below zero, and moving day for her.  I said “She’ll be fine.  She has 1,000 friends, surely one is a mechanic.  She is a resourceful surviver, she’ll be fine.”  And I was right.  I already did my time worrying about her!

The brother, on the other hand, has always done everything right and his life has gone pretty well.  I mean, not exactly smooth, afterall, he has spent extensive time in wars.  But he has been fiscally responsible, emotionally responsible, responsible in every way.  He is a very good family man, with seemingly endless patience.  But the jobs weren’t here when his military career was over, so he moved to where a good job is – that is what we do, right?  And he is living in a tin can.  His wife and children are here, his wife is unwilling to quit her well-paying job with good benefits until his 6 month probationary period is over.  Sounds smart, but I don’t think it is all that smart.  Having lived through an absent husband in my young-family days.  We never got over that.  But that is MY history.  They have to create their own, and I don’t know how it will turn out even though I am worried worried worried.

For now, I have that cute little doggie.  He is not particularly house-trained.  He has lived for years in a house with a little doggie-door.  We’ll see how he does today.  I will come home at lunch to let him out.  Hopefully it won’t still be 10 below at that time.

I passed a test yesterday that I have been studying for since June.  It was ridiculously hard and I am very relieved.  It’s Friday.  I have a weekend ahead.  And a short week next week.  Thank God.

Nelson Mandela Rest in Peace.




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10 Responses to Another dog

  1. atomicmomma says:

    Thanks for posting Mary. So many families are living apart in this economy now – us included. My husband is home 4-6 days a month but we have done that for 5 years now. Not easy but no money coming in is not easy either. Prayer and gratitude as well as the occasional blow up to blow off steam and stress followed by communication and apologies has gotten us through the past five years. Gratitude and perspective and faith in a higher power help us to.

    Was thinking about your icons today. Have a great day. Keep warm!

  2. Mary LA says:

    That dog looks adorable. Prayers for your son and his family.

  3. Syd says:

    I do think that you are meant to have a dog. Maybe a little one like the cute one that is with you now. Remember dog is God spelled backwards.

    I believe that if your son can survive wars with separation from his family, they will be okay with this 6 month period apart. He sounds like a great fellow.

  4. Kelly says:

    Congratulations on passing the test! That’s a lot of studying! I hope that your son is able to stay warm where he is living. I also think that if a family is split for positive reasons (one parent moving ahead to get started on a job before the others follow, like your son, for example) would probably be less damaging than the other options in the long run (like not taking the job and being out of work). I would imagine that as long is communication between everyone is frequent and open and quality, that will help make it easier, too. Just my thoughts.

  5. Trying to log into my account… can’t seem to get it.

  6. Annette says:

    Is that dog laying on your bed? lol I am so glad you have that little guy.
    I think its just what us mothers do…we worry about our kids. When you have more than one, it is rare that all of the them will be doing ok all at the same time. At least that has been my experience. Your son sounds like such a capable young man. I bet it will all work out fine eventually.
    Just a sidenote…..I read you everyday. I look forward to your post each morning, but realized that I hadn’t commented for a few posts. I think its because I am rarely sitting at my computer in the morning and I hate commenting on my phone. But I am here, I am reading you, and I LOVE hearing your thoughts each day. Or whenever the mood strikes you.

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