Nutty Knitter

IMG_7129This was “my chair” on Saturday afternoon.  Now most of that stuff is on the floor in front of the chair.  I am actually making good progress in my knitting and may not need to take several vacation days to finish it as I had planned.  I noticed that I am on a grey kick, and most of the yarn I picked at my own desire (instead of the request of the person I am knitting for), is grey.  Or is it gray?  It’s pretty and it pleases me to knit with a gorgeous grey yarn.  I am knitting father and son caps for for my son and grandson, the yarn is a light grey blend of wool, baby alpaca, and angora.  Knitting with this yarn is just yummy.  Wish I could think of a better word, sensual? nah.

The purple faux fur?  I have HATED knitting these slippers.  I am making a pair for each of my three granddaughters, green, purple, and pink.  I have only one slipper yet to make.  It is pink, and at least I find that pleasing.

Oh my goodness.  Which reminds me, my 3 year old granddaughter gets totally offended when I say “oh my goodness gracious,” and tells me “you shouldn’t say that.”  You should see how sober she looks when she tells me this.  I have no idea what she thinks I am saying, but clearly it is offensive to her.  I must ask my son.

My job just increased by about 50% again yesterday.  In other words, since July, they have added another full time job to my already full time job that I came aboard to do.  I told my boss’ boss that I am going to need help because I cannot do all of this.  I NEED to be managing it, but I cannot actually DO it, there are not enough hours in a day, even if I worked 24/7.   I need someone to help me.  She said she would work on this.

She is the one who called me last January and said she was working on getting me back to the hospital.  She did not fail me.  I believe she saved my life.  If not for her intervention, I don’t know where I would be.  That tiny shimmering thread of hope kept me going through the dark dark days.

This nutty knitting is feels kind of crazy, but it forces me to sit down and be quiet.  That is good.  And when I am discouraged, I remember the year that I decided to knit everyone teddy bears for Christmas (either 1995 or 1996).  Every single person I gave them to still has them, and treasures them.  My sister has her teddy bear in a tiny little chair in front of the fireplace in her Manhattan apartment.   It is good to knit.  Even if it costs more money as well as tons more time than retail gifts.


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6 Responses to Nutty Knitter

  1. Annette says:

    I wish I could knit like you do! Using wool, alpaca and angora….my skill level doesn’t justify that expenditure! Lol I love the father/son matching cap idea….I hope you post a picture later. I also hope a wonderful work partner is found to help you.

  2. Syd says:

    It’s too warm down here for most knitted things. I do have the watch caps that my mother knit for me and my father. I still wear them after all these years.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’ve never picked up knitting, but I do like creating. I’ve done two quilts- one entirely by hand. Except, I left a bunch of straight pins in the last one so it isn’t usable (it pokes you) until I figure out how to get them out without creating too much work.

  4. sue tegland says:

    intense work, and intense knitting. I hope both end up being enjoyable. And I do hope that lady finds a way to relieve you of the pressure of so much more work.
    I just took the last minutes of my Homeowners’ association meeting as a Board member, and really feel like kicking up my heels. Maybe I will take up knitting.

  5. Chenai says:

    Of-course a hand made gift is so much better than a retail bought one! There’s something about home-made treats that makes them more special in my mind.

  6. atomicmomma says:

    Can we see a picture of the teddy bears you knit? I would love to see them after all these years.

    I knit scarves. That’s what I love to do.

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