Snowy Morning

IMG_7083Text received from daughter this morning.  I’ll be careful.  And a little bit afraid.  Snow is one thing, ice another.  Ice is not fun to drive, especially not on the hills of my neighborhood.

I finally got to confession yesterday morning on my way to work.  Thank God for a church with confessions starting at 7:05 a.m. every day!  The priest was so nice to me!  We all have different personalities, he said, maybe mine is a bit more “passionate.”  My penance?  Write a gratitude list with my evening prayer every night.  Look at where I fell short and ask God for his help.  (Sounds a lot like a 10th step to me.)  Awesome.  I used to do a written 10th step every day, and it certainly could not hurt me to do that again.  I started last night.

And now I must get ready for my day.  I will pray again for a calm day.  Yesterday was not calm.  It was a bit of a nightmare.  I am wondering if my honeymoon is over.  This job is HARD.  I knew it would be, but I don’t think I anticipated how I would FEEL when I couldn’t get my job done in spite of working an average of 10 hours a day, and how it would FEEL to have people literally chasing me down in the hallways.  I will talk with the #1 offender today.

I got out my retirement chart yesterday and looked at it.  Is it really worth it to spend these years of my life working towards retirement – increasing my retirement income by 2.5% per year.  These are years of my life.  I won’t make a decision based on a month’s experience.  But I will not spend the days of my life being miserable in a chase for a few more bucks.  If I must be dirt poor, then I must be dirt poor.

I don’t want to write the real words, so I will just say I am a bit of a cump lie ence off-a-ser.  I had someone chase me down the hall yesterday with something she “found” (by digging through files that were none of her freaking business) that was a vie-o-lay-shun.  Creating weeks of paperwork for me.  WHY can’t people work together?  Could someone come to me and say “there is a bunch of stuff that you probably should take a look at.”  Instead of bringing me bunches and creating vie-o-lay-shuns.  OK – maybe if I just think of them being spelled like an illiterate person would spell them, it will make them seem better?  Yep.

That and knowing that God is at my side always.


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4 Responses to Snowy Morning

  1. Kelly says:

    I tried to comment yesterday, but I don’t think it went though. I was saying that like reading about your children- that is an interesting part of your life, too. I hope today is calm, and that is a neat penance! Kind of out of the box.

  2. Nancy G says:

    Sometimes I wish that we had formal confession in my non-denominational church. I can only imagine that it would feel good to get some of my daily “missteps” off of my chest! Thankful for a compassionate sponsor who I can run some of these things by… Wishing you safe journeys on those snowy Colorado roads!

  3. Syd says:

    I don’t know about whether 2.5 % is worth it but for me, I am so glad to be doing other things. I saw some of my staff at lunch the other day and listening to their recitations of stuff going on at work makes me glad to not be there. I am grateful to have retired when I did.

  4. Mary LA says:

    Drive safely. And wishing you a little peace from all the inner and outer dramas around work.

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