IMG_7079Over the weekend, even with a migraine, I hit the trail.  I did not run.  I did not walk fast.  I did not go a long distance.  I set out to walk one slow mile.  When I had finished a half mile, I knew I did not want to turn around, so I went another half, then I turned around.  The sun was beginning to slip behind the mountains, and I knew it would soon be dark.  I find being alone on that mountain spooky in broad daylight – I certainly don’t want to be out there alone in the dark!  There are usually enough bikers, runners, and hikers that I never feel alone.  But at dusk on a windy, cold Saturday, I was almost alone.

Today I have my big meeting for the month.  I have about a ream of paper to bring to it.  Health Information at my hospital is not a paperless affair.  I hope it won’t turn into a shouting match as other meetings have.  And if it does, I hope I can refrain from entering it.  But as the chair of the meeting, I will have to put an end to it if it does devolve.

Then a meeting with my boss’ boss’ boss this afternoon.  Again, another ream of paper, with my analysis of a bunch of data.  Turning data into information, that is my hope.  The kind of work I love to do.  The kind of work I do well enough that I impressed people back in the day…. impressed them enough that they sent me to my doom downtown, where they thought I would excel.  Ha!  If it had been analysis, I might have.  But it was basically transcription of data I was given, into a format I was given and was not allowed to deviate from.  ENOUGH!  That was then and this is definitely now.  Thank God.

Yikes, then an HOA meeting tonight.  That could turn into a shouting match as well.  Contentious issues.  And people I know are professionals acting like infants.  I often wonder how they hold a job if their behavior on and around the HOA is any indication of their interpersonal skills.  I want to quit so very badly, but the other folks on the board are leaning towards a totalitarian regime for the neighborhood, and I feel that I am sometimes the only voice of reason.  I would be happy to walk away when and if I ever sell this house and move to a condo (please dear God), but if I have to live here, I don’t want to leave it to others to come up with their evil plots to inflict upon us.

Long day.  Good day.  I can stay above the fray.  Yes, I can.

With God all things are possible.


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4 Responses to Title-less

  1. Chenai says:

    Good luck with all those meetings. I myself have a big week ahead, with the most important meeting of my life on Friday (job interview). It’s cool that you stay in the HOA to be the voice of reason. Isn’t it annoying when that has to be done? Have a wonderful day.

  2. Kelly says:

    I hope today ended up being a good day for you and that your meetings went smoothly (or were, at least, without shouting). I love your pictures from the trails, by the way!

  3. Cricket says:

    Your running is inspiring. I like that you felt good, so you went a little further. And then you turned around. You make it sound so easy to decide when is enough.

  4. Syd says:

    I know that I could not take an HOA. Glad to live in the country and have only the squirrels chatter at me. Hope the day is a good one.

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