Eleven Fourteen

IMG_7028When I had the kids last weekend, I decided to watch my Rodney Yee yoga video to see if there was any hope I could follow along.  I left the room for something and when I returned, my little granddaughter was doing downward dog!  I can’t even do that!  She followed along Rodney, doing perfect little poses (that I can’t do).  She didn’t see me standing there taking her picture.  Do you love her little p.j.s?  I do.

Twenty-eight years ago today I started my first good job in sobriety.  I always remember this date, even though it was so long ago.  I was sober almost a year and a half.  I had walked out on a job 6 weeks earlier.  I signed on as a temp, and got sent to an insurance brokerage firm.  There were two of us who started that day.  When they met with us to give us our instructions, they said one job was pretty straight-forward, and the other was utter chaos.  I volunteered for the utter chaos job, and they were impressed.  I had actually thought they might wonder what kind of nut I was to do that, but no, they thought it was great.  After a week or two, they wanted to hire me permanently.  They had to pay off the temp agency to get me, and they were willing to do that… they even gave ME a signing bonus.

That was maybe my first ever taste of success in the workplace.  I learned so much about being a sober person at work there.  I loved most of the 3 years I spent there.   But there did come a day when I had been promoted beyond my capabilities.  I lasted 5 months on that job and ended up leaving at lunchtime on Jan. 11, 1989 to see a shrink – at the urging of my boss – and never coming back.  That’s not a good memory… but oh, the beginning was sublime.

I thought about that ending many times during the bad job (2012-2013).  But I changed my history by somehow (Grace of God anyone?) walking through each day, no matter how miserable, no matter how ill I became, and getting to the other side.  Phew.

Big day ahead.  Long day at work, followed by another holy hour from 5:30 to 6:30, and then my Financial Peace University class.  I am now on week 8 of 9.  And I have truly changed my relationship with money.

Speaking of which – my phone is increasingly not working.  My camera only works sporadically.  My e-mail needs to be reset every single day.  I lost all of my contacts for 24 hours a few days ago.  Things just disappear and reappear.  All this began after I downloaded iOS7.  This morning my phone would not work at all.  The touchscreen didn’t work.  Do you know how to power off a phone when you can’t “slide to power off?” Thank God for google, I found that info.  And when I powered back on, it works again.

I happen to think that not having a phone is a safety issue.  I am considering purchasing the iPhone 5C.  It would cost $99.  I WANT the 5S, and I WANT a 32 g, not a 16.  But I NEED a basic phone.  Last week I went to the Verizon store where I learned that switching from an iPhone to an android is a big deal.  I don’t want a big deal right now.  I simply want a phone that works.   I will talk with my daughter about this, she is my accountability partner for my finances.   Any opinions out there?

Take care and have a beautiful 11/14 if you can.  But don’t feel guilty if you can’t, OK?


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9 Responses to Eleven Fourteen

  1. Annette says:

    Oh mary, when you wrote about your boss urging to see “a shrink” and then that last job that I had the honor of walking through ( in such a small virtual way…but I felt your pain) with you…I could feel the pain of those days. Wow about the finances! We are still limping along…and I am about to take a 2000.00 a month hit…and I don’t care! I need to be with my little one, to be home more and have time to exercise. But this isn’t about me! LOL I have an iPhone 4. I can upgrade but its ok for now…thanks to you I have not downloads ios7. But my next upgrade will be to whatever is afordable and useable for me. i am an iphone lover….no android for me. Simple is good. Living a simple life is beautiful and fills our hearts…that’s what I’m working on right now.

    Sent from my iPhone

    • I talked with my daughter, who is my accountability partner for FPU, and she said I can live with this phone. Her phone is doing the same thing and she wouldn’t even consider replacing it at this point. That might explain why she has money and I don’t!

  2. atomic momma says:

    I agree that having a phone now is a safety issue. I personally would stick with the Iphone but the required updates have messed up my phone completely arrrggggh.

    That is an adorable picture of your granddaughter. Our son at 2 years old would stand nonstop and crouch at the knees and bend over and build things and work on puzzles and pick over pieces whereas I would have needed a chiropractor after one attempt to bend at the kneeds and hold the pose for the ten minutes he spent pondering pieces…. lol!

  3. Mary LA says:

    That adorable child has such flexibility!

  4. Connie says:

    Oh the Yoga moves My granddaughter who was the leader, several years ago, had me and my sister in poses that caused us to do what older women do when they start laughing. We will never forget it. You are brave, walking through the financial stuff and doing something about it. I have thought about Dave Ramsey’s classes. it appears they work?!!.

  5. I can’t even believe your granddaughter isn’t still a baby! Funny how turn into young women before our eyes!

    I would recommend the Dave Ramsey class. For me, the things I have learned have been a radical departure from what I was doing. It is a MUCH better way of doing things!

  6. Syd says:

    Cute photo of the grandchild. As for the phone, it is good to power off the iPhone occasionally. And sometimes a hard shut down is needed. I haven’t had problems with the updated iOS7 other than Camera + being a bit glitchy. I don’t think some of the apps have caught up with the update on the phone.

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