Be it ever so humble….

There’s no place like home. Exhausted from three full days of non-stop activity and company. This is the first time I have been alone since Wednesday afternoon. It was an amazing trip. I think my sister might have enjoyed it. Not sure. She is one of the New Yorkers who want the whole world to be just like New York. (What would be the point of traveling?)

We took the bus up. Drove through snow at the Eisenhower tunnel and the Vail Pass. We got out at Vail Pass and I took photos of my sister in the snow.  This photo is actually at the Eisenhower Tunnel, as it is the only one without people in it.  IMG_6804Got into Glenwood Springs, checked into the hotel and then went to the Hot Springs Pool for a dip.  So nice!IMG_6875Took this photo through the links of an ivy covered chain link fence!  It was divine to soak in the hot mineral water.

We ate at lots of restaurants.  We took lots of cab rides – my sister insisted. I would have preferred to walk.  But I think the altitude is hard on someone from sea level.

I would have chosen to chill on Saturday afternoon, but instead we went to an Adventure Park.  It was awesome.  We took a tram up the mountainside. IMG_6831

Sorry about the disembodied arm, that was from a young girl who was also on the tram.  The views were spectacular.

We also took a cave tour.  It would have been fine if it lasted 15 minutes, but it lasted 60 minutes, one hour, underground in a cold, wet, creepy cave.  I think the tour guide was a little bit sadistic.  There was no getting out of there until he said we were getting out of there.  IMG_6858 Yeah, a lot of fun for someone with a fear of heights and claustrophobia.

We went to the Vapor Caves for a wonderful massage.  Oh, heavenly massage.  I left there feeling like a million soft and supple dollars.

More trips to the pool and meals in restaurants.

And then, the TRAIN home!  (they got the rails fixed and the trains running on Saturday)

IMG_6926This is my favorite photo from the train.  It is not focused and the window in the foreground shows.  But it is evocative of the ride.  Beautiful.  We were in the dining car, hence the flower.  It was just wonderful!

Lessons learned:  I will go again.  I will take the train.  I will not stay at the same hotel.  I will stay at one of the old hotels for around $100. a night rather than the $225 a night where we stayed.  I will hang out at the pool, nap if I feel like it, and get a massage as late in the day as I can.  After the massage, I will go to the pool and soak as long as I want, watching the steam rising from the water as the sun sets.   I will have some nuts and cheese in the room for a light meal or two.   I think I could talk one of my daughters into going with me.  It would be fun.

About family?  Who knows?  I know nothing changes in my relationship with my sister other than the fact that we each grow more wrinkled every year.  Nothing else changes.  I can be tough and strong with anyone else in the world.  Not her.  I am normally funny and fun to be with, but after about 12 hours with her, I feel sort of like a dog who just crapped on the carpet.   I thought if I arranged the trip on “my turf” it would change things.  But it doesn’t.

Thank God for my life.  It is just exactly the way I want it (except I could use a few more $$).  Even so, I am happy with my home, my job, my clothes, my surroundings.  I am happy with my family and my friends, and they love me too!  I was even happy to see that silly dog!

And now I am going to take a long nap.  I have a bit of vertigo from the automobiles, buses, taxis, trams, trains, and even the caves.

Thank you God for putting me exactly where I am today.




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4 Responses to Be it ever so humble….

  1. Annette says:

    I have a sister like that too.

    That view from the tram, while gorgeous, my first thought was how brave you are because I am afraid of heights and that fear would have been pounding in my chest! LOL I am glad you went….it is what it is huh. But yeah, another trip, with one of your girls, or on your own! Sounds wonderful. My girl’s birthday is coming up…..this made me want to offer a trip to our hot springs up in the mountains to her.

    What elevation do you live at Mary? I live at 3000 feet. I often hike at 8-11,000 feet. The air can feel awfully thin up there! lol

  2. Mary LA says:

    Welcome back — that mountain scenery looks beautiful.

  3. Syd says:

    Sounds like a good trip. Those mountains are spectacular. Wonder if they have zip lining and white water rafting–sure they do.
    But it is nice to be back home. I understand that.

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