Frosty Saturday Morning

IMG_6797Woke up to a frozen little world.  Green leaves covered with ice.  By tomorrow it will be nice again.

In this last week I have realized that I am glad to be as old as I am.  I really can’t stay in the workplace much longer than 3 more years (until I am 65).  I was at a meeting on Wednesday where a young woman I have always liked sat and with a red face with veins standing out, said “This is not my job!  I won’t do it!  It is mechanical, not clinical!!! Someone else needs to do it!”  I told her how I used to do it.  How it took about 4 hours a month.  And she still refused.  Red faced and ugly.

How do you end up with a management job with an attitude like that?

Yesterday I had to be very stern with one of my staff to get them to stop the insanity.  She was on a rampage and would not shut up.  She was going to tell people what “YOU NEED” to do.  She starts a lot of her sentences with “you need to.”  I told her we weren’t going to tell anyone what to do.  We would talk WITH them about a problem.

She’s angry and being passive aggressive.  Great.

The thing about a power struggle?  If you are the one with the power, you don’t need to engage.

I am living in a country where our “leaders” have said “I quit!!!”  I say great, leave town and get some competent people to actually do your jobs.  Who can act like that?  Why would you?  If we don’t vote every single one of those people out of office then we have got what we deserve.  But no one pays attention, they just vote for the person with the nicer sounding sound bite at election time.  Promise ME some little tid-bit, and I’ll vote for you!!!

My son is leaving town today.  He, his truck, and his camper.  Going to start a new job in Montana.  His wife and kids are staying behind until the house sells – shouldn’t be long at all.  My daughter-in-law has been furloughed.  right now they are a family with no income.  Awesome.  I wonder if those fancy-pants baby brats in Washington ever think about families with no income while they play their stupid games.

Ok – I have turned off any network TV, especially news networks.  I am listening to country music videos in front of my fireplace.  I have a list a mile long of what I need to accomplish today.  It’s all good.  I need to focus on my little world and be grateful to be old.  I think the younger adults and kids are tough enough from being raised in this modern world to take the ugly conflict without any resolution or efforts to compromise.  I am dumb-founded.

My own corner of the world.  My own corner of the world.

God please save me from my self.  My self.


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3 Responses to Frosty Saturday Morning

  1. Connie says:

    Mary, thank you for saying what I am thinking and pondering in so many of your posts. You help me walk my path toward getting older and retiring and not really fitting in so much any more in my 12 step program….

  2. Annette says:

    “We talk with them to resolve a problem.” I needed to hear that today. Thank you. I am loving your articulate perspective on the government. Its ridiculous. Love you Mary….glad you are here writing each day.

  3. Syd says:

    Real people and real lives are being affected. But still the petulance continues in Congress. I know people who do outstanding work but can’t do it because their buildings and laboratories are closed. I hope that the madness will end. There are really no role models for young people today because greed and selfishness seem to be the main agenda. Very sad.

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