Technical Difficulties



It has now taken me a quarter of an hour to get to write a “new post.”  This morning my phone had deleted several of my e-mail accounts.  My work e-mail no longer works properly on my phone.  My phone is just out of control since I got iOS7.  Wish I could go back to the older operating system.  All this makes me re-think this whole thing and wonder if I shouldn’t just buy a phone, not a computer for my purse.  I have become an ADD adult, instantly distracted and derailed by my phone “dinging,” maybe it is a new e-mail, maybe it is an alert from CNN, or maybe my alarm to pray, or the other alarm to check a website to see if the hospital is going to undergo an inspection today.

I wrote to my Financial Peace University teacher yesterday and told her I am looking for another class.  I left the class on Monday night in tears.  I am the only one in the class who is in considerable debt.  The couple who travel the world, have no debt whatsoever, and own their house outright – decided to share a lot on Monday.  About how the government shouldn’t have given student loans to people like me, how people who have no self-control or will-power should not be allowed to have credit cards… etc.

This was the last place I ever expected to feel judged.  The teacher is wonderful and was upset that I am leaving.  But I found another nearby class to go to.  Hopefully the people at my new class are there because they need to be, or at least can wait until they get home to express their judgement of those of us who have been stupid and careless enough to have student loans and credit card debt.   Oh, and during the “plasticectomy” exercise, I was the only one who was willing to actually cut up a credit card.  I am now leaving home without my American Express card every single day!

Spent a lot of time on the phone last night with a sponsee.  She struggles year after year after year – but she stays sober.  Sometimes I wonder what the heck is the matter with her and then I remember where I was at 8 years of sobriety and stop wondering.  She is doing everything she can to work the program, but she just has many many kinks to work out.  For me, I reached a magical point at 10 years of sobriety where life and my reactions to it really really changed.

Gotta get out of here and go to Mass on my way to work this morning.  What a wonderful thing to have discovered – my own parish on my way to work that actually has a morning mass I can attend and get to work on time!

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One Response to Technical Difficulties

  1. Syd says:

    The photo of the dog and Halloween decorations is great. Financial messes are everywhere these days. We have been really fortunate. But I like the idea of giving back and not hoarding wealth. I am going to help fund college for a young man in program. Sounds as if the class has an interesting mix of people. Maybe some need a bit of humility.

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