Cleaning and an inventory of sorts

IMG_6760In preparing for my sister’s visit, I have been working every weekend on getting my house visitor-ready.  I am now on the last frontier – my bedroom.  I am ashamed to admit that in a stack of shoeboxes, that I thought I was throwing away, because they are, after all, just boxes – I found three pairs of shoes that I had forgotten about.  Probably between the three pairs, they have been worn a total of nine times.  And forgotten.  That is disgusting!  I gave the pair of brown patent leather pumps with four inch heels to my daughter because those days are just over.  The other two are like a bonus.  I have two new pairs of shoes!  I LOVE the grey suede kitten heels.

This is the kind of obscene over-spending I was doing – and charging every cent of it.  And now I am trying  to find my way out of the mountain of debt I created. Very discouraging.

The plan for this morning was for me to ride my bicycle to the race just two miles away at the underwater park.  They found an alternate route, basically around the park and not through it.  However, it rained all day yesterday and the trails were so muddy they had to push the 50k and 50 mile races to Sunday.  My friend was running and she was so disappointed, because for months, you center your life around this one day.  But she will run her first 50k tomorrow.  And I will be there to support her.  Facebook was all a-twitter (wait, maybe twitter can only be all a-twitter, whatever) with people complaining about this.  Mostly folks here from out of town whose flights are tomorrow and they can’t run a 50k or 50 mile race and still make the flight.   I can understand being disappointed, but I think this is the only race that is even continuing.  The poor race director could not control the weather!  So sad, the way people act.

I am now running to Target to buy some storage stuff.  All the wrapping paper must go into boxes.  The cords, flash drives, discs, and instructions on my desk need to be in a neat box and not the shoebox they’re in now.  This is fun.

Yesterday I found that I can get to Mass on my way to work!!!  It is in a little chapel that was full to capacity yesterday.  I had to make my way over people to get a seat, and then realized the man next to me worked with me.  Awesome.  It was a beautiful Mass in a beautiful little chapel, on my way to work.  Who could ask for more than that?!


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2 Responses to Cleaning and an inventory of sorts

  1. Annette says:

    Oh gosh I so need to do a big organizing and purging like you are doing. I will probably need to have company come to make that happen. Sad but true. It’s amazing how people can lost perspective….I always think, there are still children starving in this world. How important is this _____?

  2. Syd says:

    We are giving lots of things away that we no longer need or use. It is going to be a year long process.
    Hope that the trails are good enough for the 50 k. That is something.

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