My Life as a Big Shot

IMG_5309Now I have completed 3 days on the new job.  And I am having deja vu while typing this.  Crazy!  Anyway, it feels out of control.  1.5 jobs for 1.0 person is kinda difficult.  They are both big jobs.  One of them is frightening today.  Praying that I may be able to show love and patience rather than fear.  (edited on 9/20)

Other job duties are piling up around my feet.  Undone.  A list of things to accomplish this week that is now into 2 pages.  I admit I have started putting small things on it, just so I can cross them off.  I am averaging about 10 hours a day and that is tiring!

My sister is coming 3 weeks from today.  I have been madly cleaning when I am not at work.  I started painting what will be her guest room over the weekend.  It was a mess when I left for work yesterday, but my daughter got a few of her criminal friends to come over and help her paint!  They also boxed up all of the books in the room and put them into the garage.  When I got home, everything had been moved out and a bed from the other “guest bedroom” had been moved up.  The drapes were rehung, the book cases were back, but this time have lovely decorative items intermixed with a few books.  It all looks beautiful!  I can’t even believe they got that done!  Amazing!  And so happy for me.  And when I got home, they had a sandwich for me – I hadn’t eaten either breakfast or lunch yesterday.

I think I will just keep cleaning and revising and sprucing up.  I may ask a realtor to come over after my sister leaves and let me know what he thinks I can do with the house.  Will I be likely to find another place if I sell?  What do I need to do to sell?  Etc.  One of my neighbors sold his house at a high price and it looks horrible.  They did nothing to their house before putting it on the market.  The new people came in, ripped out all of the carpeting, put in floors, painted the whole thing, etc.  The external paint is old and faded.  The garage door doesn’t close properly, making the whole house look crooked.  I can’t believe it sold!

I need to get ready for my day.  I wish I wasn’t dreading it.  By noon the drama should be over.  Asking God to be with me as I go through my day today, and thanking him for the opportunities he has given me.

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4 Responses to My Life as a Big Shot

  1. Syd says:

    Sounds like a lot of drama to deal with. I only had one situation that made me uncomfortable and that was when an hourly employee that I hired killed a man and had a shoot out with a deputy sheriff on one of the main roads out of town. I had to fire him before all this happened because he started to not show up for work and when he came in one day he was beaten up. Thereafter, he would come to see me on occasion. He was respectful and would call me Dr. Syd, but he was pretty crazy. And then he killed someone. He was locked away for a number of years by reason of insanity but has since been released to a half way house. Glad to not be around him.

    Hoping for a drama free day for you.

  2. Annette says:

    Oh mary, be careful today! I will be glad when 12:00 comes and goes. And Syd! Wow guys!! The most I have to worry about is someone in their 80’s kicking or hitting, and they usually don’t move very fast anymore, so I can just take a step back and ta da, I am safe!
    Mary, I love your daughter stories. :o)
    And your house…..encouraging stuff there. Maybe a new change.

  3. Mary LA says:

    Your daughter is a truly wonderful person.

    Stay safe.

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