Sleeping like a log

IMG_6732That’s me, making soup in my kitchen.  My hair’s a mess, no make-up, etc.  I was just as pleased as could be, chopping vegetables.  I took the photo because I loved the way the green apron looked over the pink shirt.  As you can see, I decided not to color my hair, so there it is in all it’s natural glory.  With the white streak right in the middle.  When I went to see my hair dresser, the first thing she said was “wow, your natural color is pretty!”  So, my decision was made.  Besides, I can’t afford to color my hair.

Or gel nails.  But I might get them anyway.   There is nothing quite like looking down at pretty fingernails all day while you are working.  But there is also nothing like the $70 a month it costs.

I slept through my alarm this morning.   I woke at 6 instead of 5.  I think I am exhausted down to my very core.  I need to be hurrying out of here, but (me + hurry) = not happy.

My neighbor is walking up and down the street whistling and calling her cat’s name.  Her cat is always on a leash, but managed to spring loose this morning.  She called her boss and told him she would be to work when the cat showed up.  She loves her kitty just like other people love their kids.  I am so fortunate to have such a good neighbor.  But the bad part about that is that I probably would have sold my house 5 years ago if not for her.

Can you say “stream of consciousness?”  Sorry.  I don’t have time to collect my thoughts into something coherent this morning.

Have a wonderful day.


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5 Responses to Sleeping like a log

  1. Annette says:

    Oh Mary, Look at how cute you are! I see no white streak, but I do see beautiful blue/green eyes smiling out at me. I hope your neighbor finds her cat.

  2. Syd says:

    Nice photo, MC. You look happy and have a great smile–one that goes all the way to your eyes. Hope that you have a happy day as well.

  3. You’re gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photo and your thoughts!

  4. Kelly says:

    I like posts like this that are full of the random bits that make up life. I, too, love the green and pink combo!

  5. Mary LA says:

    God to know you’re so happy — a lovely pic! And good to know too that you’re safe.

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