Still Raining

IMG_6712I have never seen anything like this.

IMG_6713Nor this…

The nearest creek is flooding and expected to start impacting homes near it sometime this morning.  I live probably 200 feet in altitude above it, so I cannot image that the water would rise 200 feet.  I’m worried about the water running down the mountain and washing away houses.  When I lived in Washington, I watched a neighbor’s house just crack apart and slide down the hillside.  A sight like that kind of sticks with you.

The main road to my house is closed, but the location described on television makes no sense – so I have no idea where.  There are several ways out of here though, so I am not stuck.

I have two meetings with the director this morning.  One of which I am very nervous about.  I need to get to work early.  And that won’t happen if I am sitting here blogging… so adios!

P.S. Could you please let me know if you see an ad on this post (or any other)?  All I see is a message that says:  “your visitors may see an occasional ad here.”

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5 Responses to Still Raining

  1. Syd says:

    Hope all goes well with your meeting. And that the rains will stop too. We need some rain here. Been dry for a week now.

  2. sherylswool says:

    No ads – and thanks for taking the time to blog even when you are busy.

  3. MEG in VA says:

    I have a Big Mac Mouthopia video ad 20 sec long but I was not required to click on it or anything.

  4. Mj kelly says:

    No ads – hope you are out of harms way -the news reports look awful. stay safe and thanks for sharing with us

  5. Mary LA says:

    No ads — please take care and prayers for all affected by floods.

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