Flooding = Scary

IMG_6707I am in an area that is under a flash flood watch and an areal flood watch.  Until the last week or so, I never even considered that I could be involved in a flood because I am on a hillside.  But the television coverage of Boulder has convinced me otherwise.

I called my insurance agent about flood insurance.  There is a 30 days wait on a policy, so “never-mind.”  This would be a hundred year flood at the very least so I am certain to never need it again.

I took today off to go to a play with a couple of my friends.  We are going to a matinee.  Frankly, right now, I would rather stay home.  Some businesses on the major thoroughfare through Denver are flooding, water flowing in through their doors.  It is supposed to pour rain all afternoon and evening, and into tomorrow as well.  I can’t imagine what more downpours of rain will cause.  Many roads are already closed.  My daughter spent 2 hours trying to get to a conference across town, and finally gave up and drove back to her office.

I know, deep in my heart, that I will be OK, no matter what.  If I lose everything, then I will just have to deal with that.  If I lose my life, I won’t have to worry about retirement and poverty.  God is by my side no matter what is going on.


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5 Responses to Flooding = Scary

  1. ruviana says:

    Glad to know things are okay for you so far. I’ve been thinking of the people I read in cyberspace who are in Colorado. Do try to stay dry and safe.

  2. Annette says:

    Be Safe MC….I love your perspective. No matter what is going on, God is by our side. Yes mam!

  3. Syd says:

    I haven’t been commenting because of being on the boat for a blissful 3 days. I hope that you will be okay. The photos from Boulder were scary.

  4. Mary LA says:

    I hope you will be OK and your daughter too — wish I could be there to help some of those who have already lost homes and need blankets and hot soup.

  5. Thank you everyone for your concern!

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