Ads v. $30. per annum

IMG_6699There is a pumpkin patch in one of the courtyards at work.  It is so pretty!  I opted to post a photo of a pumpkin blossom.  I will keep you posted….

I am pretty mad at wordpress at the moment.  I have noticed a lack of functionality over the last couple of weeks… e.g., yesterday’s post had stuff I erased.  The photo I posted was there 3 x, I deleted the other two.  bla bla bla.

But today, there was an ad on yesterday’s post.  I clicked on it and discovered that I can keep my blog the way I want it, with no ads, for a mere $30 a year.  Well, $30 a year isn’t much.  But I don’t like being manipulated.  They could have informed us a week ago that they would start running ads, and offered the opting out alternative at that time.  I might have paid for it.  At this point, they have raised my oppositional hackles and I may decide to be obstinate and go back to blogger, or just fuggedaboudit.  I need to stop wasting so much time anyway.

My new job was announced yesterday.  As soon as it was, I posted my application.  There will be a 3 day period for others to apply.  On Monday I should either have a promotion and raise, or I could be out of a job!  Yes, this is how we promote people who are competent in the state system.

In any event, yesterday for some reason it occurred to me that no matter what happens, I am guaranteed an income for the rest of my life.  At this stage it wouldn’t be much, but I could live on it.  With that realization came this startling thought “I will never be homeless again.”  That probably sounds crazy, but I think once you lose everything and wander the streets looking for a place to lay your head, it never ever leaves you.  I always know that God will take care of me no matter what, but it may be that he cares for me in a shelter or a park bench.

Coincidentally (ha!) I got a statement from my retirement account last night.  Indeed, if something happened today and I had to retire, I would make enough money to live on.  Not in the manner I am accustomed, but in a decent enough way.   It would be just slightly less than the median household income in the US.

I am NOT retiring today, and that percentage of my income will increase every year, BUT, it is an amazing feeling to know that I will always have an income… no matter what happens.  And that it isn’t down the road in a few years, it could begin today.

I have cried more than a few times over this.  What a relief it is.

Oh, and I got such a nice e-mail from my former boss yesterday – the boss who gave me fits for 17 months.  She was congratulating me on my new job.  And she said “you deserve it.”  We are now very close to each other as far as our job classifications are.  I can’t help but be happy about that.

OK, gotta get to work!


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5 Responses to Ads v. $30. per annum

  1. Mary LA says:

    If I get ads on my WordPress blog, I’ll also have to migrate — horrible thought. I was puzzled by what was going on with your images yesterday because I love your pics.

  2. Annette says:

    I can hear your relief and I am so happy for you.

  3. Syd says:

    Sounds good to me. I have to say that retirement has been wonderful. I have not ever been homeless nor even close to it. But anything can happen in this world.

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