Mum’s the Word

It rained all night last night.  I slept so soundly the bed barely needed to be made this morning.  My morning coffee is wonderful in the cooler, damp morning.

Get it? Mums are pictured here.

It rained all night last night.  I slept so soundly the bed barely needed to be made this morning, I just needed to pull the covers back up and plump the pillows.  My morning coffee is wonderful in the cooler, damp morning.

I am a fan of autumn and spring.  In the autumn, I say it is my favorite season.  In the spring, I tend to say that it is my favorite.  I just know that I like the cooler temperatures before and after the heat of summer and before and after the iciness of winter.

Yesterday my sister and I bought our tickets, and reserved our room for our trip next month.  She will come to Denver and we will go by train to a mountain town the next day.  We are sharing a room because I am too broke to get my own room.  I. can. not. share. a. room. with. anyone.  But I cannot cough up an extra 450. for my own room.  So I must learn to share a room.  With God’s help, I know I can do anything.  But this might be one of the huger things I have asked for help with recently.

I went to my first Dave Ramsey class last night.  There were about ten of us in the room.  We introduced ourselves and were asked to share why we were there and what we hoped to get out of the class.  We started with a woman whose husband was sitting right behind her (he is not in the class, he just came to “support” her).  Probably 70 years old, giggling, with her red hair – she is there because she forgets to keep the receipts when she uses credit cards.  They have no debt.  Their house is paid for.  And is sitting, giggling, because she “forgets” to keep the receipts.

Oh my dear Lord, I thought.  Am I ever in the wrong place!

Then another divorced woman, who would like to get out of debt.  Several young couples who want to learn how not to screw up their money.  A young woman who was literally in tears because one time, a couple of years ago, she had to borrow $50 for a tank of gas.  To her, that was the bottom of bottoms.  And I thought again – man, am I ever in the wrong place!

Then there was the woman with the disabled son.  The young man is the size of a 6 year old, with a withered and twisted body, but proudly sporting a mustache!  He uttered not a sound.  But she shared why she is there.  She is there because she and her son are homeless.  She is trying to find her way out of homelessness.  Oh, now THAT I understand.

This is going to be hard for me.  I will have to remember lessons learned early on in AA.  Like I am there for myself.  I am not there to judge others, I don’t know what is in their hearts.  I need to focus on the message, not the messenger(s).  Look for the similarities, not the differences…. you know the drill.

And I overslept by an hour this morning – so I better get hopping.  Today should be a momentous day at work.  Maybe I will be sharing some news with you tomorrow?  Stay tuned.


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4 Responses to Mum’s the Word

  1. Kelly says:

    I am looking forward to the news!

    Some teachers at my school do the Dave Ramsey thing. I don’t know them well enough to ask how it’s working for them, though…not just yet.

  2. Annette says:

    I think everyone’s struggles are relative. I am talking a lot right now with my 12 year old about being kind to everyone, even the kids, especially the kids who seemingly “don’t fit.” We don’t know their stories, we don’t know the burdens they carry. I learn so much from the most unlikely sources too, if I can open my heart and mind.
    I am jonesing for a good rain around here! I am envious!

  3. Syd says:

    The class sounds like a good opportunity to practice the principles, especially the traditions. Interesting group of people.

  4. soberkentuckygirl says:

    Stay with it. My hubby and I are in our fourth week of FPU and we LOVE it. We are trying to pay off our debts before our daughter goes to college…and to help teach her to be responsible with money as she grows.

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