Into another week

IMG_6692Most days begin with a bowl of steel cut oats, blueberries, and cream.  And I mean real heavy whipping cream.  As you can see, the quantities of these ingredients are small, but it makes a satisfying breakfast.

I’ve been looking at my Bible Atlas and the wonderful book  “Then and Now Bible Atlas”  with clear plastic overlays of modern day cities and countries over maps of Biblical times.  Looking particularly at Syria.  When I was at the prayer vigil on Saturday night, I was reading Isaiah, and found myself reading about Syria.  So amazing to be praying for this 21st century place while reading about the same place in the Old Testament.  My thoughts and prayers are consumed with this place.

In my little world, there is much to do today.  It is so good.

Thank you God.

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2 Responses to Into another week

  1. Syd says:

    Looks like a great breakfast!

  2. Kelly says:

    I hope you have an excellent week!

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