Garage Door Opener



As I was driving to work yesterday, my daughter called to tell me the garage door opener just broke.  My first question was “is the door open or closed?”  When I heard it was closed, I breathed a little sigh of relief, because I can leave it like that and not fix it.  If it was stuck open, I would have to come back home and address that immediately!

She has been loaning her car to a man in AA every day now for the last several months.  He happens to be a handy-man, and was thrilled to come over and fix it.  Last night, there was welding, sawing, and banging going on in my garage.  In the end, it works.  We fed him dinner and he was happy.  God bless AA and the people in it.  I remember when I was so plugged into AA I had a friend for everything.  Please understand, I paid them, but I trusted them.  And it was always fun.  Until it wasn’t.

Remember the guy who drove his car (with me in it) into a wall going 40 mph minimum?  He was a handy man.  But when he turned off my sprinkler in the fall, it was broken in the spring.  His prices varied according to his moods.  You would expect him to charge $50. for something because he did last time, but suddenly it would be $100.  And he showed up when he wanted…. like long after the first freeze to shut off the sprinkler system.  So, I stopped employing AA folks to do stuff, and decided I could just as easily pay someone who might be a bit more reliable.

But last night I remembered how nice it used to be.   Talking program with this man, standing on a ladder in my garage, and my daughter.  My daughter quickly putting together a meal from what I had in the house.  Them eating in the living room while we chatted away.  Very nice.

I have a big meeting to attend this afternoon.  I don’t want to go!  I’m scared!  I need to represent my hospital to the outside world.  Let me tell you, sitting in that cubicle for 17 months did nothing to improve my self-confidence.  But I know I am in the right job now… so I will march forth, knowing that it will be OK.

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3 Responses to Garage Door Opener

  1. Kelblogg says:

    I understand fear. I’m there right now. I hope your meeting goes well.

  2. Syd says:

    Hope that the meeting went well. I understand the feeling of being undermined and the subsequent demoralization. I felt like a lame duck for my last year at my job. It was hard to muster the enthusiasm anymore.

  3. Kat Stephens says:

    Hang in there!


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