IMG_6651This is the weirdest baby blanket I have ever knit!  The shower is tomorrow and I am approximately 5/8 done with it after two weeks.  What are the odds I shall have it done tomorrow?  I will try, seriously.  Seriously, I wish she had found out whether this is a girl or a boy.  If it is a boy, she might want to wrap him in these colors, but I think a girl should be swaddled in pink.  And a boy should be wrapped in baby blue.

Here’s another astounding thing I will share:  I feel 100% better after eating meat for a few days.  There is a bounce back in my step.  I wake up and actually want to get out of bed.  I get home from work and actually do things – other than sitting in a chair.  I went to Whole Foods last night and had a long talk with the butcher.  We both agreed that I need “anonymous” meat – the kind that doesn’t look like body parts. (ugh)  I also need meat from animals treated humanely and fed decently.  I bought some delicious ground beef, oh so good.  I think in the cost/benefit analysis, the benefit will outweigh the cost – which is not small.  We shall see.  I am also on a budget.

I wonder if my hair loss if from being a vegetarian.  I wonder what else in the past year has been because of not eating meat.  It was easy to attribute to age and depression… but maybe some of it was a dietary deficiency.  Honestly, I feel at least 10 years younger than I did just a week ago.  I have energy.  Maybe I can run another marathon???  Just kidding.

I always hesitate to write about food in this way.  I get overwhelmed by “dyet” advertisements when I write about it.  I refuse to buy into the American obsession with women being stick figures.  I refuse!  I will eat the way I want to feel the best I can.  That does not involve eating like a glutton or eating crap.  I am a size 12, which apparently is oxen-like to many women.  I think it is fine and healthy.  My doctor agrees.  I am in amazing health for a person of my age.

I better go sit down and knit for a half-hour this morning before I get ready for work.  This is cutting into it…..


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9 Responses to Oddness

  1. sue tegland says:

    I too have tried many diet approaches–basically very healthy for my age, but cannot lose weight and i need to get rid of 25. Lately I’ve sort of let my urges lead me, and now I’m feeling better than i have in a long time. I have lost weight on low-carb diets, but just a lot of guilt when I end that. And lately even that hasn’t worked, but just following my own needs is working. I guess it’s time to keep listening inward rather than outward…….

  2. Annette says:

    Im getting ready to TRY to do a Whole30….30 days of no wheat, sugar or dairy. My big hang up is letting go of cream in my coffee….my blogger friend who is doing it said to keep the cream then. I might do that. I am glad to hear that meat is meeting a need in you…..Ha! No pun intended!
    I also have to say, I LOVE the blanket. I am all about earthy tones and that would so be something I wrapped my little baby in….boy or girl!

    • I just looked up Whole30. It is exactly what I am eating.

      I like pink and blue and soft yellow and soft greens for babies. My former boss is not like that at all. I am hoping her first baby will soften her a bit.

  3. Kelblogg says:

    Gosh- wouldn’t it be nice if simply adding meat back into your diet would help your energy and other things that you attributed to depression? What an idea! I hope this uplift continues for you!

  4. Syd says:

    Glad that you are feeling better. And that blanket is very nice. The colors are vibrant and happy.

  5. Thanks Syd. I hope the mom to be likes it – IF I ever finish it!

  6. ruviana says:

    Just jumping in to say I love the blanket! It reminds me of the Mayan and Peruvian fabrics women in those places weave to wear. Beautiful.

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