Weirdness Abounds

IMG_6649My phone has decided that I live 55 miles away in Jefferson, Colorado.  Which is on the northern end of South Park – yes, that is a real place from whence the writers of the TV show of the same name came.

It is sort of emblematic of this week so far.  My friend is mad at me for not loving a movie the way she did, people at work are SO cranky, the dog was growling at the air last night, and things feel weird.

One of my favorite people at the hospital acted very badly yesterday.  I know he has a temper and very little patience, but I had never seen him behave this way before.  I adore him so it kind of hurt.  An IT guy who has always been extremely friendly yelled at me yesterday!  I damn near cried!  I chaired a meeting where I myself had to shout to get people to shut up!  And today I am chairing a meeting with basically the same cast of characters as the meeting yesterday.

Thank God I can retire right this second if I feel like it.  I can retire in 3 years most likely and do it responsibly.  I can do anything for three years.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the people who are young enough to have to remain in the workplace into the future.  We have become so politically correct and uptight that it is no longer pleasant – at all.  Someone needs to start telling the truth, and maybe it will start a cascade of truthfulness which may lead to some actual communication.  OK, so let it begin with me saying something that we skirt around and no one will speak it.

The trouble started at the meeting yesterday with two people presenting something that was controversial to begin with.  The trouble was exacerbated by the fact that neither of them can speak an understandable version of english.  An accent is one thing, but incomprehensible is another.  The man sitting next to me got so frustrated, he slid down in his chair, crossed his arms, and mumbled “Jesus Christ.”   ( I will assume that was a prayer and that he was not taking the name of God in vain.)   We asked them to clarify some things and bring it back next month.  I hope to God I can find someone who speaks english to present it for them by then.

Am I supposed to feel guilty for being an anglophile?  Probably.  In truth, I just want to understand what someone is saying when they are talking to me.  Should I learn Mandarin and Amharic?  I think that is unrealistic.

Again, I am glad I only have a few more years to work in this crazy world.



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7 Responses to Weirdness Abounds

  1. Annette says:

    Oh my husband tells me stories very similar to these and worse from his wirkplace. We are not racist at all. We love all people, we welcome any race into our family, BUT we do expect good respectful behavior from all human beings. Being able to speak an understandable form of the language of the country you are residing in is respectful of the countries native inhabitants. At the very least, BEFORE you give a presentation.

  2. Annette says:

    Ok I know how to spell workplace! Lol I’m commenting on my phone again.

  3. Syd says:

    Maybe the pair presenting have great talents other than giving a presentation? I remember having a graduate student from Indonesia. I worked with him a lot before his presentation for his thesis. Public speaking is challenging for even those who speak perfect English. He just needed to slow down and enunciate. It helped tremendously.

    • Both of them do have other talents, or they would not have their jobs. It would be wonderful if someone similarly coached them. I couldn’t imagine that they were horribly nervous about this meeting as it is only 12 people, but I should remember that it is a challenge for most to do even small presentations.

  4. Kelblogg says:

    Sounds like things are a little rocky, but you are right. You can do anything for three years. Hopefully, this is just a funky week. Maybe because of the full moon? 😉

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