On a Summer Morning

anchorage trailThe photo is an old one – from my trip to Alaska.  It may have actually been taken while running the half marathon there.

I overslept by an hour this morning.  Why I am blogging is a mystery.  I will surely be late for work.  Now that I am a department director, I have people noticing my every movement, so I try to be on time in the morning and to stay late in the evening.  Not today.

Yesterday afternoon I went to a party/clothing swap at my coach’s house.  I got there late, so missed any nice clothing in my size.  But my real purpose was to thin out my running gear.  I have poured thousands of dollars into running gear.  I have so much that I often find things I don’t even remember having.  Yesterday I piled up a bunch of those things, washed them,  and brought them to the party.  I was so happy to see a young woman pick through my things and find an outfit for her first marathon!  At that moment I didn’t feel quite so foolish for spending $100. on a top that I never wore.  She will have it and it is gorgeous!  (and I will work into old age to pay off the debt that I accrued on these and many other things.)

I am having lunch with my former boss today.  She called and asked and I said yes.  I see no reason to be hateful, even though she did some real damage.  I have always been extremely honest with her and I will continue to do so.  She actually uses my criticism to make some changes.  Not enough changes for me, but she is young and still has a lot of fundamental learning to do.

And I need to learn to get to work on time, so I gotta go………


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3 Responses to On a Summer Morning

  1. Syd says:

    The clothing swap sounds like a good idea. Here we just have yard sales of which we only went to one in all our time here. But now I am seeing the need to have something like that, just to cull through all the things that Mom and Pop have. So many books are going to the local library, the clothes have been given away, but there is so much more to do. We are slowly getting there.

    Have a great day, MC. Hope the lunch with the old boss goes well.

  2. Annette says:

    Oh I hope you share how lunch goes! Lol
    I would love knowing that a young girl was wearing my stuff and feeling good while having a major life accomplishment too. That would just please me to no end!

  3. Kelly says:

    I hope the lunch goes well!

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