Sanguine Sunday

IMG_6551Yesterday morning, I took the road past where cars are allowed, out for 4.5 miles and turned around.  At the 4.5 mark, I was graced with this view.  And when I got home, I was graced with a hurting terribly body.  I was looking for a fall half marathon, but honestly I am kind of sure my body won’t do this anymore.  I’ll do the race on August 10. That may be it for me.  😦


I stopped at the farmer’s market on the way home from the meeting this morning.  And now there is a pot of new potatoes bubbling away on the stove which will soon be chopped up into a lovely potato salad.  That and fresh corn will be my lunch and it sounds divine.

During the meeting this morning, a man carried an older woman in and put her in a chair.  He spoke up and shared that she is his beloved neighbor who took a terrible fall a few days back.  She is now 6 days sober.  We all clapped.  But someone stole her wheelchair last night – so he was literally carrying her everywhere.  He asked if anyone had a wheelchair – he would gladly pay them.  I thought “weird request at an AA meeting, but what the heck.”  I thought something entirely different when at the end of the meeting, she was sitting in a wheelchair.  A woman who had a motorcycle accident last summer just happened to be there (she doesn’t usually come to that meeting), and happened to have a wheelchair in her trunk.  Wow.

My friend John was celebrating 24 years of sobriety.  I have always wondered why I don’t remember him from when he came in.  Today I did the math and realized I was living in Long Island at that time. Status Post Breakdown.  He is a wonderful man whom I dearly love.

Looking forward to potato salad and corn for lunch.  While watching the news shows I taped this morning.  Then it will be nap time.  And that is why I can’t be doing this long mileage anymore.  It removes the possibility of doing anything else over the weekend. And I really don’t want to live like this.  Time to move on….

It’s all good.




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4 Responses to Sanguine Sunday

  1. Syd says:

    A hurting, painful body isn’t fun. I would rather do a lot of walking, cycling, sailing than break down my feet and knees any further. The body is telling you something.

  2. sue tegland says:

    That view is incredible! I spent 3 lovely weeks in Denver for my job, years ago, and we used the company car a lot to drive around and see the amazing scenery. I don’t even remember what downtown looked like, but some of the scenery is still in my mind.
    As for running, do what feels right, I always say. Acceptance is the key, they tell us!

    The wheelchair event is something special.Wow.

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