Last Day of Vacation



This is one of the purses I made this week.  It is a tiny little clutch and I think it is pretty darn cute.  This one will be sent as a gift to my sister.  I made another one, but the yarn wasn’t really suited to felting and any time you work with variegated yarn, you run the risk of the most visible part turning out ugly, as in this case, which is brown.  Yuk.





I am going to a friend’s AA birthday meeting this morning at 11:00. I believe he is 17.   I will see some old friends and probably a whole lot of people I never saw before.  I haven’t been to this, my former home group, for several years.  I will get to see people who are in sustained full recovery from alcoholism.  This does, indeed, happen.  It just doesn’t make the newspapers when it does.  Only the bizarre and awful things pass the threshold for what makes it into the media.

Tomorrow I start my new job.  I have made some notes for myself.  I probably need to sit down and devise a plan this evening.  Some of my notes to self as I start my new job are:

  • Slow Down
  • Be careful
  • Love people

Because although I am leaving a bona fide bad job, I must remember that most of the problems I have had in this life are problems I brought with myself.  I have the capacity to make this new job a bad job too.  I m pretty sure I won’t, because I haven’t done this for many many years.  But I need to check myself on a frequent basis.  Am I disliking people?  Am I getting frustrated?  Have I spoken ill of someone?  Am I moving too fast, applying pressure that doesn’t need to be applied?  I must bring my confidence tomorrow morning so that I can be a peaceful person, sure of herself.  I will be supervising people again.  I will remember the joy that once brought me and also remember that a bad supervisor can have a horrible impact on a person’s life.  I will be a good supervisor.

For all of this, I am dependent upon the grace of God.  I cannot do this myself.  But I know that with the grace of God, I can do just about anything.  I will check my ego at the door and ask God to help me see what I can bring to each day instead of what I can take away.

It is going to be good.

Thank you God.

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10 Responses to Last Day of Vacation

  1. bambusue says:

    Some folks might like the practical color of the brown, and it’s also a good fall/winter shade, so I wouldn’t rule it out from the ‘pretty’ category. That you accomplished these at all is good work!

    Such wise thoughts about the problems being life problems more than work problems. It just seems that they get magnified at work, possibly so we can work on them, or possibly from our own predilection for the particular situation.

    I hope your work week allows you to follow all your inspiring instructions to yourself, and wish you the best.

  2. daisyanon says:

    Good luck Mary!

  3. Kelly says:

    Happy last day of vacation! You are going into this new job with such a mindful approach. I’m sure you’re going to do great! Keep us posted! 🙂

  4. Syd says:

    So glad that you start the new job tomorrow with a fresh outlook. Time to put the old stuff behind you and enjoy the next chapter!

  5. Pammie says:

    My belief is that you will step in with a new found sense of awe and love. I think you have chosen wisely and the time you’ve spent away has probably taught you more than you could have ever learned alone. I’m so proud of my Mary bean.

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