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En Fuego

This state is literally on fire.  The heat is unrelenting, with nary a drop of rain in sight.  There are so many wild fires across the state, I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head how many there … Continue reading

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In the heat of June

I’m grateful for: birds singing outside a cool early-morning breeze too many roses to count in my garden new RTD buses – they are so nice! people who write books a daughter who still wants me to go shopping with … Continue reading

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Meddling in the Affairs of Dragons

This morning my suburban street is quiet as I go about watering my lawn and looking at my roses.  Yesterday it was not quiet. While working at home in the afternoon, a thunderstorm blew through.  The lightening kept getting closer … Continue reading

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When Your Narrative Changes

I think I figured out why seeing my long, long friend and hearing from my high school friend on Sunday morning caused me to cry.  It really did feel like sadness, but I knew it was happiness.  It was because … Continue reading

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Some Questions

Yesterday I opted not to acknowledge Fathers Day, except to call my son and wish him a happy one.  I told him he is a good dad and that I am very proud of him. I had posted on Facebook … Continue reading

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Painful Joy

This is a dreadful photo of my “Love” rose that I thought had been killed by the power company digging up my back yard last summer.  It is indeed alive.  The sun and the colors are too bright at this … Continue reading

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Oh, what a beautiful morning!

This is my pretty little front yard this morning.  I am soon to be out there, painting my front porch.  What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.  My running group is out there running, and I am watering … Continue reading

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