Eight More Hours

IMG_6473Two “love” roses, in a czech vase, on an antique napkin.  My old lace tablecloth is looking pretty shabby these days.

I am heading out of here for my last day at that place.  I had no idea the last week would be a melt-down of sorts for me.  The person hired to replace me “worked” on writing a letter to a friend all day yesterday.  I had given her a task to do – which needed to be done – and every time I checked on her, she was writing a letter, then quickly minimizing that and showing me she was working!  At the end of the day, she had left without saying anything, and the work was undone.

I told my boss that my first inclination was to stay until 6 p.m. to get it closer to done, but decided that would only cause resentment on my part, so I didn’t.  She said “I don’t give a f****”  “I won’t be here all next week.”  Awesome.  No one is taking ownership for something that needs to get done.  And I am not picking it up.  They can all figure it out.  But it causes distress in me because I don’t want to walk out of there at the end of today with a mess.  I have worked for two months to get all of my files in great shape so that someone could come in and pick right up.  Yesterday, the new gal had written over the data file she will need.  It is just gone.

Not my problem.  Really, it is not my style to say that, but honestly, I have to do that in this case.

When  I got home, it was 95 degrees outside, and 90 degrees inside my house.  I guess there is no getting around the fact that I need to use my AC this summer.  It took till this morning to get it down to a chilly 80 degrees.  The house is now sealed up like a tomb, and the central air is blasting.  Blasting dollar bills.  I can see them coming out of the vents!

I hope to God I can get that peace in my heart back after I leave there.  I am on vacation all next week.

AND I got the wonderful Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University materials yesterday.  I will drive to work today, listening to a CD.  And spend the weekend figuring out what I need to do.  AWESOME.  Thank God for his angels.  Thank you Jeanne.

Could you please say a prayer for me?  I am still terrified I am going to go off at work.  I nearly did it yesterday.  But I didn’t.  And God’s grace is a powerful powerful force.

Thank you.


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15 Responses to Eight More Hours

  1. Annette says:

    Oh Mary. Think of your hula hoop. Stay inside your hula hoop and tend to what is yours to tend to and then at the end of the day RUN like holy hell. *Their* new employee really isn’t your problem!
    I’m wondering (gleefully hoping) if this new employee will make them appreciate you so much more than they did while you were there!

    • Annette says:

      PS: after your last mention of Dave Ramsey I went to his website. I am making a little bit more each week at my new job and my plan is to send the extra each week to one CC to eventually pay it off. Then the next one and the next one and so forth. Look what you started! Lol

    • I think it could happen that they will “be sorry when I’m gone.” My now FORMER boss already said something negative about her. Oh well. I. do. not. care. YAY!

  2. kathy says:

    You got it Mary, on the prayer list!

  3. Syd says:

    Glad that you are realizing that the deficit of the new employee and the lack of interest by her supervisor isn’t your business. You just have to finish up the day and then walk out of there knowing that you have done your part. Your side of the street is clean. The others will figure things out.

    • I am so glad I was able to leave feeling good about what I did there. Thank God I was able to get through the last few days without doing anything I would regret. I was so afraid I would. God’s grace is a wonderful thing!

  4. sue tegland says:

    Truly, you have and had a job, and you did it well. How well will be seen probably only after you leave and the new person mucks it up. You did what you could; that’s the eyes on the prize you need. You sweated blood and personal tears and who knows what else; it’s gotten enough of you. On to better days!

  5. Hope says:

    So glad you are done, Mary. I was out of town for work today but I thought of you this morning and how it was your last day. Big sigh of relief for you.

  6. Mary LA says:

    I have struggled fro weeks to get in to post! You’re in my prayers and I hope you leave with a clear conscience and a sense of closure.

  7. Ray says:

    It is an honor to lift you up in prayer, as it has been a joy these fours years to read about you. God bless you.

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