Meddling in the Affairs of Dragons

This morning my suburban street is quiet as I go about watering my lawn and looking at my roses.  Yesterday it was not quiet.

While working at home in the afternoon, a thunderstorm blew through.  The lightening kept getting closer and closer.  And then there was blinding lightening with an immediate deafening thunder!  Have you ever been near a lightening strike?  It is terrifying.  I screamed, I ran to my bedroom and prayed, and I put on my scapular!  A few minutes later, the fire trucks arrived at a house just four houses from mine.  I believe the lightening hit a tree in the back yard and not the house.  Thank God.

As I went to bed last night, I heard shouting outside.  There are two warring neighbors across the street from me.  They were warring.  One was screaming at the other, while the hoodlum who has been living at her house was filming the confrontation with his phone.  He was also shouting cruel invectives at her.

When the brouhaha seemed to be over, I stepped outside, in my nightgown, and asked the seeming victim if she was OK.   She walked to meet me in the middle of the street and then lit into me!  About the HOA.  In her eyes, the dispute is all about the HOA’s insistence that our lawns look nice.  I listened for a few minutes and then told her, “I am not standing in the street in my nightgown as a representative of the HOA, I came out as a neighbor who was concerned about you.”  And then I went back into my house.

How do people get so crazy?  Let’s be clear here, I am not talking about mental illness, I am talking plain old crazy.  Thank God for my neighbors on either side.  One is an angel and the other not so much, but at least they are not that particular brand of CRAZY.

This morning it is again quiet and calm.

Yesterday I attended a meeting at the hospital.  Some people did not know I was coming back and I was so happy to see that they were delighted that I am. I was able to participate in the meeting, seemingly remembering everything, including form numbers.  It helped me feel that maybe I haven’t lost my brain function in the last 17 months after all.

Then I had a meeting with my little department and another meeting with HR.  Awesome.  I feel like I am joining the living again.

And now I have to be a responsible living person and get ready for work.  Counting today, only seven more days of this job.  So grateful to be a fully engaged human being, a thankful recipient of God’s grace.  Grateful too that I read the Bible’s admonishment about loving your neighbor – and I have to tell you this has been a journey for me, because some of my neighbors haven’t been that easy for me to love.

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6 Responses to Meddling in the Affairs of Dragons

  1. Annette says:

    What a perfect answer to the crazy neighbor lady. lol I am not that quick on my toes. I would have *wished* I had said that later when I was laying in bed thinking about it all.
    Mary, your readers have gotten to watch you go through a process….from being you, to being so terribly ill with your depression and that God forsaken job, to coming back in all of your colorful glory. What a privilege that you allowed us to walk with you. I for one am so grateful. I learn from you and I have to say that you are one of the most courageous and faith reliant women I have ever met….in real life or this blogger life. I am simply so darn happy for you. There is nothing like be welcomed into a room of old friends by faces that light up upon seeing you.

  2. Syd says:

    I have been in many a lightening storm on the water in a sailboat with a tall mast! I am lucky so far to not have been struck. It is one of those step 3 moments for me.
    It is rare now to know one’s neighbors. We are lucky to have large enough pieces of land here and to not be bothered by disputes. Sadly, one of the neighbors who is a well known banker was recently found nearly nude in the marsh. He suffers from dementia and had wandered off.

  3. sue tegland says:

    Bless you for meeting her pain and anger with equanimity.

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