On the Twelfth of June

IMG_6365This rose has finally bloomed, and it is too beautiful and bright to be represented digitally.  That’s OK.  I was so happy to see it and smell it this morning.  It is a fragrant cloud, and man, is it ever fragrant!

IMG_6368This will be the next rose to bloom.  It is a Chicago Peace.  It is absolutely stunning.  I took a photo of one last year and it is my cover photo.  I love this rose.

I am on the panel today to interview the top candidates for my soon to be former job.  One applicant has pretty stellar credentials, but lists many “publications” that were posted on a blog.  Why on earth would a person do that.  That blog led me to her blog.  That blog was a vomit of information (much like mine).  Only hers had an edge to it.   There was also a youtube video of her, and although I won’t be working with her directly, my current peers will, and I would not like to think of her working with anyone I care about.

I wrote my boss an e-mail asking about the ethics of checking out the online presence of a job applicant.  She called it “due diligence,” and said the woman led us there.  Which is true.  It is a brave new world. I don’t think I know the rules anymore.  But I do know that I would not like a potential employer reading my blog!

The HOA meeting was last night.  I have been on the board since 2004, in several two-year terms.  My term is up in July and I may very well step down.  We have a member who is suddenly deciding to turn this little low-key neighborhood into a totalitarian state.  I tried to argue with him last night about the new form residents will need to submit to get house colors approved.  Oh dear Lord.  I work for the government and EVEN I think it is over the top.  I will need to send this out to homeowners this week.  I don’t know how I will put my name to it because it goes against everything dear to me.  Then the conflict – do I stick around to be a voice of reason, or do I just get the heck out of the way of these nuts?

Today I will gladly turn on the AC.  When I got home last night the house was at an alarming 88 degrees.  I need to bake cupcakes for a meeting tomorrow (my last!!!!!!), and it is going to get hot in here tonight.

When I woke this morning, my right knee was so painful I could barely move it without excruciating pain.  Oh, the thoughts that went through my mind.  Why have I put all these miles on these old joints?  Why does this hurt?  Why in the morning when I have been asleep all night?  Why not while I am running up or down the 8 flights of stairs that I do frequently?  I don’t get it.  But I do know that it is unlikely that I will be running a half marathon this weekend.  Happy and Sad about that!

Look at these things that are on my mind.  I marvel at the fact that somehow I am back to a “normal” life.  Thank you Lord God!



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6 Responses to On the Twelfth of June

  1. Syd says:

    It’s a different world with job applicants now. I don’t think people realize that posting things on line under your real name leaves you open to all kinds of things. Best to be anonymous or not post anything at all.

    The photos are looking good. You can change the saturation in Camera + also so that your rose is not so brilliantly hued. Amazing what we can do with iPhone cameras.

    • It was truly amazing as her “job interview” persona was so so so different from her online persona. She still had an edge that no one liked though…. and she may get the job because the boss liked her. I would pay to be a fly on the wall for this one!

      Thanks for your photography advice. I think I got a couple of good ones this morning.

  2. sue tegland says:

    my husband has over 80,000 Google entries for his name; but then, he is published. Me, i need to Google myself. The story of that applicant was a good one, and it’s real lucky for you she led you to her blogs, etc. That in itself, that she would expose so much of herself, says it’s a different world these days. I’m glad to be retired.
    I too am on the board for an association of nuts–89 others in my association. One issue after another, but as a board we have finally learned to adhere together in this our 3rd year. We are doing extensive rehab of the deck structures and it’s a lot going on; i”m the liaison for that.

    Sorry about the pain. Body-talking-back time!! Hope it got better as the day moved on.
    Love your roses; don’t currently have any, so a picture always brightens my day!

    • There is not much of a web presence for my “real name” self. My blogs however are prolific! It is a shame that young kids really don’t think about their future in regards to the stuff they post and will linger, long after their rebellious years are over.

      More roses to follow….

  3. atomicmomma says:

    Depressing on googling job applicants. My husband was unemployed in 2008. Funny how you can’t get a live voice to talk to you about a job, resume you submitted but they can stalk you on the internet.

    Resign from the HOA. We have the same thing in our neighborhood. Resign. You will never look back.

    Think about the hard running and those joints. My 77 year old dad lives in independent living. I see now where gentle walking and range of motion pays off not pounding joints into the pavement to get a bumper sticker that reads “26.2”

    Funniest comment I ever read in response to a person finishing a marathon: “….because 26.3 would be crazy!”

  4. 1. I don’t think looking up a person’s listed publications is “stalking.”
    2. I did once resign the HOA and I almost immediately regretted it. When the pres. of the board called me and asked me to come back, I jumped at the chance. I like to be involved in my community, and that is the best way in a tiny one.
    3. My 72 year old brother is now in a wheelchair. Almost entirely because he retired at 59 and stopped doing anything physical, except eating. I think exercise is worth the risk. And I do have a bumper sticker that reads “26.2” and I am glad I do. That was a real accomplishment for me.

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