Monday Morning

rose 1 2013Another poorly focused rosebud. Syd, I used Camera +, but didn’t have time to really figure out what I was doing.  Sitting on my front step in my nightgown, crouching down to get the rose up close – my neighbors must think I am nuts!  Oh, but they have had years of seeing me doing these things.

Back to work this morning.  I will be happy to get on the bus and go downtown.  Knowing that I only have 15 more days of doing this.  Three weeks.  I can do this.

Yesterday afternoon I turned on music as I cooked.  As I listened to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, I nearly ran to turn it off!  It took me right back to the early horrifying days on this joy, oops!  job.  not joy.  Working at home, wondering if I had lost my mind, being unable to focus, wondering how I had ever done such a horrible thing to myself.  It brought back all of those feelings.  I hope all of my favorite music is not ruined in this way.  I spent hours and hours and hours listening to Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, and Chants…. while working and being horrified.

I gotta go.  I am thanking God for this day and all that it may bring.

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6 Responses to Monday Morning

  1. Syd says:

    I have many of the same feelings about certain music because it takes me right back to the days when my wife was drinking. She would play certain songs over and over. I don’t listen to them because they are a huge reminder of terrible times.
    And yes, you can do those three weeks.

    • When I was drinking, I would play the Beatles white album over and over and over. I can’t stand to listen to it now. Which is a shame because it is one of the finest collections of music on this earth.

  2. Kelly says:

    Three week….you’ll be able to manage. You’ve put in much more time….three weeks will, hopefully, fly by,

  3. atomicmomma says:

    Three more weeks!!!!! Three more weeks!!! You can do it!!!!

    Boy can I relate to bad reactions to music from a time you don’t want to remember. But I hate that one of these works is Vivaldi’s Four Seasons……Sarah Chang has put out a wonderful version of this one that is one of my favorites. Perhaps new versions of old music?

  4. I have Joshua Bell’s. Perhaps a new version would be a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

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