Me n' ScottLast night I got to meet one of my heroes.  Scott Jurek, ultra-marathoner extraordinaire and vegan.  He was a hero before, but he is more than a hero now.  He is so gracious, friendly, nice and really smart!  He signed my “Eat and Run” book.  And my friend took our picture with her phone, which, unlike mine, was actually charged!  (I was having a bad hair day and had combed out all of the teasing and hairspray prior to going, and was left with flat hair.  This is also a photo of my new  dress.)

I am working strange hours today at home.  I have arranged to take a hike with a friend at 8:30.  I told my boss that I will put in my 8, but in sections.  I still feel a little bit funny.

In the midst of feeling so wonderful, I was attacked by a wave of self-doubt in the last 48 hours.  The friend I met last night to see Scott J. asked me “what is wrong with you?”  I had to say that I have just been through 16 months of trauma and I am still suffering a bit.  I imagine that it might stick with me for a while.

The friend I am meeting this morning for the hike is a dear, dear friend who knows all about my journey.  She worked with me “before,” and has nothing but praise for how smart, creative, approachable, etc., I am.  We talked last night too, and I think this walk is more of a emotional exercise for me than a physical one.  It will help me to be with her.  She is not a gentle person, and will likely tell me off a couple of times for not reporting and grieving all this stuff.  But she knows me.  And she loves me.  And I don’t know what is better than that.

May we all have friends who know us, love us, and are willing to tell us the truth.  I am blessed.




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10 Responses to Friday!!!

  1. Hope says:

    I haven’t read that book of his but I have read Born To Run which I really enjoyed. Lovely dress, too!

  2. Annette says:

    It takes time to heal from a trauma to our souls and senses. Give yourself that grace. You look so cute! I have always wanted straight flat hair….I of course have curly wild hair. So I love your unteased flat look. lol

  3. Syd says:

    Nice to meet such a star. I wonder if he knows Liz Bauer who I know. Hang in there. Only a few more weeks!

  4. Kelly says:

    Yes! I am so familiar with Fridays coming with the relief that they bring when you are stuck in a place that you would rather not be during the week. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Mary LA says:

    You look lovely — and I’m glad you have such good friends. Healing takes time Mary Christine and you have been through hell.

    • I still have another 5 weeks of this job, and another performance eval at the end of it. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but I am clearly still in the tunnel for a while.

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