Waking to Birds Singing

IMG_4651This is a photo of my “love” rosebush last summer.  Xcel Energy dug up my back yard last fall very near this bush.  It is no longer alive this year.  It was my oldest rosebush, it makes me sad.  I am still finding hail damage from a horrific storm last June.  I need to do a lot of painting, and realize that I should have submitted an insurance claim.  This has been the year of damage.  Damage to me, damage to my garden.   It is May 8, there are still no leaves on the trees because the tiny leaves got frozen last week and died.  One young aspen tree in my back yard has a few tiny leaves, I hope they are not the only leaves that will arrive this summer.

BUT I opened my bedroom window last night, even though it would be in the 40s overnight.  And at 4:38 this a.m., I woke to the sound of birds singing.  That is so lovely.

I find so much solace in nature.  No matter what, the flowers will bloom in the spring, the trees with leaf out, the summer will come – along with all of the other seasons.  This year these things are not happening, and I feel off balance.  I feel that I can’t trust anything anymore.  That the world has been tilted and I am no longer sure of my place in it, no longer sure of my equilibrium.

This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass….


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10 Responses to Waking to Birds Singing

  1. Chenai says:

    Hi Mary!

    It’s finally starting to really thaw where I live, after a seemingly endless winter. I can’t open the windows at night, but during the day on Sunday I was writing in my apartment and it was warm enough to open the window and feel the light breeze. What a delight.

    Hey, isn’t it your blog’s birthday soon? (I was reading my own journal from last year where I wrote about your switch to this blog from your old one and I was like wow, its been a while).

    • Chenai, Thanks for bringing the upcoming bloggerversary to my attention. I thought I started the blog later in the year, but it was May 18. Depression does terrible things to a person’s memory.

  2. Syd says:

    Yep, I know the feeling. Things feel weird to me as well. And it has been a bad year thus far. Not happy and light but just filled with sadness and difficult times.

    • My daughter has a whole philosophy of why things turned bad – starting last Dec. 12. When I thought about it, it really does seem like something changed. 20 babies shot on December 14? And on and on….

  3. Kelly says:

    “This too shall pass” <—- so true.

    What a beautiful pictures. I have a small knockout rose bush, but it doesn't produce flowers as extraordinary as the ones in your pictures. Too bad you lost the plant, it is hard to let go of things you have nurtured. I know I feel very protective of my plants.

  4. Mary LA says:

    So sad to read about the rose bush, but you have come though a hard year and I’m sure the year ahead will be much easier. Lovely to read about birds singing on the Feast of the Ascension!

    • I meditated on the Ascension this morning. Since I grew up with all the feasts and the gospels, I just accept them and seldom really think about them, it is good to think about them! Oh, and the birds were serenading me all the time.

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