Running Saturday

IMG_4554I wake up and look at this scene every morning – I painted it last summer and it is hanging on my bedroom wall.  It is a beautiful photograph, but when painted, it looks kinda crooked and phony.

Since Lent, I haven’t bought any new clothes.  Yesterday I bought a pair of running pants – and I am not going to consider that new clothes.  They are for running, are not frivolous, and will last at least 4 years.  They are called “knicker” length.  They hit in the middle of my knee.  I have discovered that my thighs are no longer presentable in any way.  My legs from knees down still look good, so these pants are perfect.  Calling them “pants” makes them sound baggie and weird.  They are actually compression shorts… just long shorts.

The problem?  It is 41 degrees outside and I really would be wiser not to wear them.  I am not too good at delayed gratification, so I want to wear them, and I want to wear them NOW!  We’ll see which side of me wins this little battle this morning.

Only 6 miles this morning – yippeeee!

I hope Meister Eckhart was right, because the only prayer that seems to be dripping off my lips day and night these days is:

Thank You.




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4 Responses to Running Saturday

  1. Syd says:

    Have a good run. Glad that it isn’t snowing there. For once!

  2. Pammie says:

    Of course they are not pants, they are a tool for your running. Use your tools today…isn’t that what we are always told?

  3. You are right Pammie!

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