8 Hours

IMG_4470This time last year I was wearing flip flops and drawing with chalk on my driveway – with my precious granddaughter.  If I were to try to reenact this today, I would be wearing Ugg boots, and trying to get chalk to stick to ice and snow.  This has to end – and soon!

Yesterday as I was about to stay late to get my work done, I reflected on my recent performance eval.  I was wildly praised for helping everyone in my own department, always being willing to stick around, always cheerfully pitching in.  On the other hand, I was told I needed to work on firm boundaries, because I let other people take advantage of me.  Hmmmm.  I do not concur.  I think it is my own job that takes advantage.  Therefore, when it was ten minutes after 4 yesterday afternoon, I packed up and left – like a normal person.  If I cannot get my work done today before the deadline at 5, I will ask my boss to help me get it done.  Because I am not going in early either.  This is not normally how I roll, but it kind of feels good.

When I go to my new job, which used to be my old job, I will be willing to put in my time to get my work done.  Because I will have pride in my own work.  I will be appreciated for what I do.  I know my new boss, she has been my friend for many years.  I know how she supervises.  She is a big appreciator and encourager. I cannot wait.  It won’t be long.

I better start looking at what I CAN bring to this day, and to those I meet on my way.  Lucky for me, I can pray all day that God shows me how he wants me to act!


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7 Responses to 8 Hours

  1. Syd says:

    I think it’s good that you are moving to your “old” job. As your wrote before, this one wasn’t a good fit.
    This has been a weird spring for sure. And you are still having wintry weather. It is cool and breezy here. The garden is loving all the rain!

  2. Connie says:

    Mary: Thank you for posting on this blog. You do not know how much it helps me as I walk through stuff which includes depression, aging, not fitting in. Etc. Connie C

    • Hi Connie!
      I didn’t even know you were reading it! Give me a call, we can go have coffee or dinner or something. I’ll soon be working back where I used to work… so you will probably be seeing more of me!
      Love, Mary

  3. Pammie says:

    So funny that I remember that picture!!!!
    If the warm earth comes back to life before you leave this job, you could jar up some ants and let them loose in the drawers of your boss. Keep your chalk handy…..it will end soon.

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