Another Winter Storm

IMG_6048There’s a picture of me at the triathlon last year.  Just kidding.  But not by much.

Another winter storm is blowing in.  They are named now, this one is Yogi.  That means we have had a heck of a lot of winter storms this year.  I have tried to be grateful for the moisture, but at this point, would it hurt too much to rain instead of snow?  How about a nice thunderstorm?  A soaking rain.  Flowers coming to life instead of freezing and dying. Oh well.  It is what it is.

Yesterday’s tax disaster has me feeling somewhat less optimistic.  Why do I have to pay over 10% of my measly income for stupid useless things the federal government comes up with?  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say “we have these federal funds we have to spend down before the end of the fiscal year,” I might be able to pay the additional taxes I owe.  I am not happy to contribute to that while there are mentally ill wandering on the city streets with no where to go, children who are being abused (sometimes to death) while work loads of those who could have possibly helped them are prohibiting them from doing their jobs, and endemic hunger – I witness every day on my way to work.

Yep, I am not quite so optimistic this morning.  But I better get out and get amoungst ’em.

Why are you troubled, and why do questionings arise in your hearts?  — Luke 24:38


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11 Responses to Another Winter Storm

  1. Syd says:

    LOL on the photo. Regarding the taxes, some of those issues that you are writing about sound like state issues, not federal. I agree though as I would like to see much less spent on the military and all their waste and more spent on the basic needs of the people in this country such as education, alternative energy sources, the environment, and health care.

    • Those are definitely state issues. I am intimately aware of them.

      It’s funny what we think are basic needs of people. I think of food and shelter – and a place for the most vulnerable to be safe.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I agree that we all can find reasons to object to the administration of programs (whether state or federal) that are funded with our precious dollars and wasted through a variety of poor decisions, poor management and outright power grabs. And until good folks stand together regardless of affiliation or status, and voice our disapproval of how the most base forms of government are managed (protection and incentives for whistle blowers) and funded (removing baseline budgeting) (required a balanced budget) we will not be able to countermand the first goal of every representative, to bring to his or her constituents proof of job performance through more and more perks and programs. It must be reigned in. However, in the interim, between cycles, we must remember to protect the child, care for the poor and love our neighbor as ourselves. So one contribution of money or goods to a charity, volunteering at a shelter, helping at a nursing home, whatever form our hearts of faith tell us, we can make a difference one person and one heart at a time. It keeps me going even when I am in the midst of witnessing evil in the world and steels my faith for another day. I know that my Lord needs me to be up and out there. I must continue to do what the Lord requires of me: to act justly, walk humbly, and love mercy. (Micah 6:8) Hang in there! You do so much and have done so much for others that you must find joy in knowing how much you have helped those who look to your example of strength and learn from your example. You are a beacon!

  3. Annette says:

    Amen MC. I am mailing off the majority our measly “emergency reserve” to the IRS today. Not happy. All while my daughter can’t seem to get her mental health needs met even through the GD health insurance that we pay for every month. Yeah….not in a good place lately. Thanks for the scripture though. That was a good reminder. God is in charge.

  4. bambusue says:

    I have always been sanguine about taxes. I figure having an income is a good enough thing. i learned yesterday that France is considering raising their income taxes by 75%. it’s all relative?

    • I have never had any desire to live in a place that taxes and “provides” like that. All I want is an opportunity to make a good living, keep most of it, be able to contribute to those charitable efforts I would like to support and have as little as humanly possible to do with my government. Not in today’s “paradigm.”

  5. kberman says:

    I rarely comment or like on anything but I do enjoy your blog and reading about your life. I can see you are getting some good guidance. I am 72 now, alone in the world, and have learned to make my income from several sources. It is such a relief to get small piles of money from different places than that agony of struggling with a job. After 8 careers, I started my first blog in 2004. My blog and my 12th step work (my FB page) are both named Emotional Sobriety. A lot of my life goes into them. But I make my living from crocheting afghans–something my grandmother taught me when I was 12 and something I didn’t do for over 40 years. Who knew?
    Found a good link for you from one of my favorites–you, Syd and her on in my Best group on my reader–Penelope Trunk. Hope you enjoy it. Love, Kathy

  6. Kathy, I hope to someday be able to report something similar – making a living doing something I love. Ironically, up until a little over a year ago, I would have said that. But now, I need to make a change.

  7. atomicmomma says:

    I laughed out loud looking at the picture and reading your comments!

    I have many close friends struggling so badly to keep afloat financially and scraping together funds to pay taxes. How did it get so bad in this country.

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