Procrastinating (taxes) and Thinking and Cleaning



Mrs. Meyer’s products are reputed to smell good.  I am a sucker for a good smell, so I bought some the other night.  When I have geraniums in my garden, they have no aroma at all, but this stuff, which is supposedly geranium, smells like heavenly light roses.  I think I have now cleaned every “non-porous surface” in my house.  It smells so good in here!

Cleaning is one of my favorite diversions when I am avoiding something.  Finding things I “need” is another.

On the hour long drive to the group run yesterday morning, I started thinking about the “hows” of how I was going to do my taxes.  I realized we no longer get the huge packets from the IRS in the mail just after the first of the year.  We have to get our own damn forms!  The best way to do that is to download and print them.  But I haven’t had a printer that works for a couple of years!  I considered that soon (giggles) I will no longer be in the workforce so I will have no ability to print the rare document I need to have in hard copy.  So, I bought a new printer.  Which I had to return.  So, I bought another printer.  And spent the evening getting it set up.  This took all day you realize.

NOW I can do my taxes.  Well, first I need to blog.

This morning at Mass, we had a guest priest while our pastor is in Rome.  They are both from Peru.  They are amazing men.  Our visitor, Father Jorge, said something that just hit me between the eyes, which immediately started “watering.”

The gospel reading today is one of my favorites:  Jesus’ last miracle as recorded by St. John, after fishing all night with no fish whatsoever, Jesus asks them to cast the net again – and they pulled in 153 fishes.  As they cooked some of the fish and loaves for breakfast, Jesus had a conversation with Simon Peter.  I love it because Jesus gives Simon Peter three chances to redeem himself and affirm his love in front of a fire, after Peter had three times denied him in front of a fire.  I love the symmetry and the mercy in that.

The priest talked about Jesus’ first and last miracles, the first at Cana, the last at the Sea of Tiberias.  These are both in Galilee.  In both miracles, Jesus made a command.  “Fill the jars with water.”  “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.”  There is no record of anyone saying “we don’t need water, we need wine!!!”  or “We have been casting that net on the right side of the boat!  We’ve been out here all night, what do you think we’ve been doing?!”    They just obeyed the commands, with trust.  With trust.  Beyond reason.  Beyond argument, just trust.

I feel that I have finally reached the point where I am stepping out in trust.  Just like Indiana Jones’ invisible bridge.

The feeling is so light.

note:  I did a bit of research on the people who “like” my posts.  I know one or two of them, also know the reason they “like” rather than comment.  However, as I suspected, the majority are people who are selling something.  The latest “liker” is a Canadian “marketer” who worked the “9-5” life for a year or two and then decided to be an independent millionaire!  And you can too!!!  He has at least 3 alter egos, all with the same bio.  The majority of comments on his blog are from people who say “Thanks for following my blog and liking my post!”  Really?  Is that an effective way of marketing?  It sounds like a lot of work to me, and very low yield.

I have now spent an hour on this post.  My 1040 and schedule A are screaming at me!  OK!  OK!

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7 Responses to Procrastinating (taxes) and Thinking and Cleaning

  1. Syd says:

    A new printer is good. I fiddled with Blogger and Google yesterday after you wrote me. My wife and I have six emails which gets confusing regarding Google. Hopefully, her anonymity is safe now.

    • I was shocked to see that what I thought was an anonymous e-mail is hooked up with everything in my life! I am considering deleting my facebook account, but I do love it to keep up with my nieces and nephews.

      • Syd says:

        It seems it is also due to Google who with Google + can link with everything. It is truly a tough job to maintain any anonymity using Google. I don’t personally use FB but my wife does.

  2. marcia says:

    Well, I had been procrastinating most of the afternoon and came to your blog for some direction!
    Am so pleased for you in your recent decision to leave your job. We filed for a tax extension due to being so late taking our records to our tax guy, so I get it, Mary C. How nice that all your home surfaces smell good!

  3. Chenai says:

    Hi Mary,

    That’s funny that you have a lot of telemarketers on your blog. I think you’d be very fascinated if you knew the many people who visit your blog every day and how different they are. I’m just saying that because even though I read your blog daily, I have a feeling that at a glance, you wouldn’t necessarily peg me as a reader if you saw me in the “real world”. I used to live in the US and there was a software package that I used to file my taxes, and I would just put in the numbers and get a number back. Some of them are pretty cheap and also quite good. I wonder if that’s what you mean by downloading a form, or are you doing it totally manually?


    • Hi Chenai,

      I try not to judge, I am sure I have readers who are marketing whizzes, but I am also pretty sure that some of my likers do that as a way to generate activity on their blogs.

      I almost bought Turbo Tax yesterday, but didn’t want to spend the $59. Of course, I am paying FAR more than that in additional taxes – so maybe it would have been a good investment. I downloaded the forms from the IRS website and did them manually.

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