Weather and Food

screenshot48I feel as if I need proof to say that today is supposed to be 63 degrees and rainy.  Tonight the rain is supposed to turn to snow.  Tomorrow’s expected high temperature – 18 degrees, and snow.  Wow.  My garden can use the moisture, but I am afraid the cold will freeze all of the little red leaves on my rose bushes.  This used to break my heart, now I think we need to moisture so bad, I can live a year without lilacs and with delayed roses.

Yesterday morning on my way to the meeting I stopped at the store for some gum and mints (I have breath-a-phobia).  When I came out of the store, there was a woman bent over in the parking lot digging through debris.  When she stood, I gasped and stared.  She looked exactly like my daughter when she was using.  My mind reeled!  It can’t be her!  Even if she started using, she couldn’t look this bad this quick!  I continued to stare.  She approached me and I could see that she was indeed NOT my daughter.  Thank you Lord Jesus!   She asked, “do you smoke?”  I know this language from my daughter too.  She had absolutely no hesitation to ask people this as she begged for cigarettes.  I told her I didn’t, but went to my car to get $5. so she could get some cigarettes.  She was very thankful.  I told her “you freaked me out, you look just like my daughter when she was using.”  She completely ignored that and gleefully went into the store to buy cigarettes.  Oh, I can’t tell you the relief to realize this is not my daughter.  She is sober over 4 years.

She was asked yesterday if she could help with a meeting some folks are bringing to a youth residential “treatment” facility – aka prison.  She said she would love to do that, and then got more details.  It is the very place she lived when she was between 16 years old and 18 years old.  She graduated from their high school.  She is ecstatic about going back and maybe bringing some hope to those girls.  Girls, almost exception, without any hope whatsoever.

When my daughter was there, she took a manicurist class.  She followed through and got her license as a manicurist.  She thought that made sense.  When she got her license, her teacher cried.  In all the years she taught that course at that school, my daughter was the first and only girl to get her license!  It is a dreadful place.  When I worked at the hospital, we would frequently get their girls after suicide attempts.  They would invariably say that they thought death was the only way out of there.  (shudder)

Death is not the only way out.  Praise God.

While they were talking and discussing together, Jesus himself drew near and went with them.  But their eyes were kept from recognizing him.  — Luke 24:15-16


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4 Responses to Weather and Food

  1. Syd says:

    There is a little PTSD that goes with living with alcoholism/addiction. I think that you may have experienced that when seeing this woman. I’m glad that you helped her. And more glad that your daughter is doing so well.

  2. So happy that wasn’t your daughter!! My daughter is only 12 and I get sick to my stomach thinking of what can happen to her if she gives in to drugs and addictions….soooo very sad. Hope you stay warm over the next few days. God Bless you Mary!

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