On an almost spring morning

IMG_5939Springtime in the Rockies is always full of surprises, mostly surprising because they shouldn’t be.  Each year, we have the flowers blooming, which seemed would never happen.  Invariably, the snows fall, crushing the tiny flowers.  The snow gets shoveled, lovingly piled under the tree in the front yard, to give it a good long drink.

I am sitting as I did for so many years.  Still covered with sweat, sweat still dripping from my hair, waiting to dry up and get ready for work.  Hit the treadmill this morning.  I’m so happy to know that it will be only a matter of weeks before I can again step outside in the morning for my exercise.

Excitedly waiting for a new pope.  I’ve downloaded apps for my phone, I signed up to get a text when the new pope is elected.  I signed up for “adopt a cardinal,” and have been assigned a cardinal to pray for during the conclave.  I don’t know what is so different about this papal selection.  I feel it is.  I feel it is momentous.   I hope we will have a pope from outside of Europe, but we shall see.

I’m off to the bathtub and on to another day.  It should be a good one.

Do not turn your face away from any poor man, and the face of God will not be turned away from you.  Tobit 4:7


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6 Responses to On an almost spring morning

  1. patty says:

    Yes, spring is just around the corner! Planting my peas this St. Patty’s day!

  2. Mary LA says:

    Gorgeous spring flowers and I hope they don’t get crushed by snow!

    In Rome they’re calling it Il Totopapa or the Popestakes and there is great excitement out here too.

  3. Syd says:

    The Pope is from Argentina. That is momentous.
    The flowers are so pretty.

  4. Kelly says:

    Your hope came true regarding the Pope! Pope Francis, is what I’ve heard.

  5. atomicmomma says:

    I’m not Catholic but I am every excited about the choice of the new Pope! He appears to be very humble. He wore a wooden cross as a symbol of his commitment to the poor.

  6. Quillain says:

    I hope you had a lovely day.

    This is going to sound far fluffier and sillier than I mean it, but — I hope it is nice for the new pope that the previous pope is still alive. Maybe they can talk about things! It must be such an intense responsibility, it seems like it would be hard for others, even cardinals, to understand. So perhaps having someone to talk to about it will be a balm and boon for both of them.

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