1st Thursday in Lent

IMG_5880On Sunday, I stopped at a nearby church with outdoor stations of the cross.  It is a beautiful way to pray, even if it was cold and snowy.  I saw a deer while I was there…



I was able to get to Mass last night, even though I was so tired I was yawning and practically falling asleep.  But what is Lent, if not making some sacrifices.  Such a small thing, my going to Mass when I am tired, into a church that is packed to the gills – as packed as Christmas or Easter!  For me, it is a big deal.  But it is good.

I hope to have a fruitful Lent.  At this point, every day feels like a trial, so I give it to God.  Not in the way that I expect it to miraculously stop, but in the way that I offer up my suffering.  That, my friends, is one of the best things about being a Catholic, we believe in the value of suffering.  We don’t see it as a punishment, we can, if we really want, believe it is a blessing and thank God for it.

So, off into the suffering world I shall go! I may be delusional about this, but I do believe I see a tiny-pin prick of light at the end of this tunnel.   Or maybe I just believe that because I need to so desperately.

Has not man a hard service upon earth, and are not his days like the days of a hireling?  — Job 7:1


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4 Responses to 1st Thursday in Lent

  1. Annette says:

    Mary, I’ve been reading…just no comments. Congratulations on baby grand-boy safe entry into this world!
    I too see the value of suffering…but I’m not Catholic. Lol our strength of character and humility and gratitude are nurtured in our suffering if we allow them to be. Much love to you!

  2. Syd says:

    I don’t want to suffer or see others suffer, but realize that is part of living. I would much prefer for people to love and help each other. Those photos are lovely. And it does look cold.

  3. quillain says:

    I had forgotten about the value of suffering. I have been thinking a lot about my Catholic upbringing this week. This is another lovely reminder.

    (13 days sober)

  4. Mary LA says:

    Those outdoor Stations of the Cross are so striking — as is the deer in the snow. I hope you will glimpse more than just a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel!

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