Into a Week

IMG_5863My son’s small dog – I got to “watch” him while they were at the hospital.  They are now all home.  I visited on Saturday.  What a beautiful thing it is to see a young family who all love each other.

I am working at home today.  I have put in 3 hours so far, and have meetings this afternoon.  I will do well more than my 8.  I guess that’s OK.

This morning I reached for my phone as soon as my eyes opened (hate to admit it, but I do it every morning).  I saw the headline “Pope Benedict Resigns,” and could hardly believe it.  No pope has resigned in 600 years!  I have really liked the direction Pope Benedict has taken the church, and I hope his successor will continue his lead.  I must say, I was surprised but when I saw his rationale, I agree.  It is my speculation that he watched Pope John Paul II as his health declined and said “I will never do that.”  He said the world moves so fast now, it requires a healthy man to keep up with it.  Still sad to see him go 😦

That’s it for today.  Grateful to be alive.  Grateful to be sober.  Grateful beyond words for the Grace of God.

Daniel said, “I will worship teh Lord my God, for he is the living God.  But if you, O king, will give me permission, I will slay the dragon without sword or club.  The king said, “I give you permission.”  — Daniel 14: 25-26

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3 Responses to Into a Week

  1. Kelly says:

    What startling news to wake up to! And I 100% agree with your feelings about him. I am sad.
    You sound great! Very glad you have the courage and fortitude to address the problems at work,
    I love Daniel. Named my eldest son for him. Love the quote as well! My son is going through many trials, the latest being fired from his job on Friday. He has been a faithful and well liked employee there for years. It sounds very unfair. If you think of it, I ask your prayers.
    Do you know if the Old Testament prophets and holy people are considered saints in the Church? I have always wondered that.
    God Bless you richly, Mary.

  2. Mary LA says:

    Adorable little dog.

    I’m still too flabbergasted to think straight. We do live in inrteresting times.

    And good for you on confronting that division and showing a way to move forward.

  3. Syd says:

    That little dog is so cute. He looks as if he wants to snuggle. Happy about the family and the new baby.

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