It is Friday.

IMG_3968I was getting stern e-mails as late as 11:00 last night.  And then couldn’t sleep.  It seems people get upset when you tell them one thing about what they should be doing, they do it your way, and then your boss tells them something different.  Gee, if I were them, I would just skip me and go straight to my boss.  Awesome.  After working for a year to gain their trust and get some credibility with them.

I really don’t want to do this anymore.  I won’t get the job I applied for because it is these very people who just got f***ed over who would be hiring me.  ha ha.

So, here I sit, crying.  Great start for a day.

I will have lunch with one of my friends at a wonderful vegetarian restaurant.  And that is what is good about today.

I think God likes us when we are reduced to ashes, so to speak.   I am right there right now.  My only hope is that God can work in me to do whatever he wants for me.  I will try to help, but honestly, my ability isn’t much at this moment.

Today’s readings even scared me.

My bones themselves will say “Lord, who is your equal?”  You snatch the poor man from the hand of the strong, the needy and weak from those who would destroy them.  — Psalm 35:10



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12 Responses to It is Friday.

  1. atomicmomma says:

    Here’s hoping you have a better day at work, a nicer commute and a good weekend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get some relief with the crazy situation at work. I still say she’s crazy but that’s irrelevant when you need a job and your boss is awful (been there done that).

    Hugs, love and healing prayers.

  2. Annette says:

    You are a far better woman than I. I’m so sorry Mary. That sounds to be a brutal situation. Especially for us people who like to do things right and have people be happy with us. Hang in there….and have I told you I hate your boss? Just sayin…

  3. Mike says:

    10 11 and 12 forever

  4. Syd says:

    Sorry things are difficult. I hope that something will change to make the situation better.

  5. Mary McGee says:

    Hi MC,
    I’m one of those who reads you regularly but never comment. I’m sorry you’re going through the difficult times that you are ….. I’m a little younger than you and have worked for a major corporation since I graduated college 32 years ago. It’s frightening to me how things have changed. I’m glad I’m “old” but I fear for my two children. Hope you enjoy your weekend and admire your perserverance. I don’t comment but you inspire me just about every day. To the point that I may go back to church. I was raised Catholic but haven’t been there in years. You give me alot to think about. Thank you.


    • Oh Mary. You just made my day. I am so glad you find some inspiration in my hastily composed posts. I hope you can find your way back to church, and that if you do, you find what I have found there.

      Also, I am glad I am not the only one who is wondering what the heck happened in the world.

  6. Mary LA says:

    Your abusive workplace and the lack of professional boundaries really bothers me — is there a human resources person who could do anything? Please document this stuff and consider speaking with a labour lawyer if it gets worse. And this is not going to help the depression. How I wish I could support you in some way, but I believe things will change.

    I agree with you on coming to a place where we know we need God — and making ourselves available for mercy. It is a kind of annihilation and I have been there.

    • In the last few days, I have come to believe that God is in this. That I must need a new bottom in sobriety, or this wouldn’t be happening. I have realized that I am a bit puffed up with myself. That I have some beliefs that probably need to go. Most likely when I let go of them, I will find myself in a new situation. That has been my experience many times in sobriety. I’m not saying it might not get reallllllly ugly before then.

      Thank you always for your support. I really couldn’t have believed 8 years ago when I started blogging that I would come to so deeply care about people I have come to know only on my screen. Thank you.

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