Back to it


IMG_5744The park on Christmas day.  This park is hard for me to take, a few years ago it wasn’t there.  It was just a beautiful hillside, overlooking some mountains.  Now it is a developed park, with artificial hills and valleys that overlook a huge grossly expensive subdivision. They didn’t even try to make the houses look like they belong here, they are fashioned like Italian villas.  baaahhhh.   It was on a road that was little traveled, it was one of my favorite bike routes.  Then they attached it to the interstate highway, and I don’t need to tell you what that did.

When I woke this morning, it was 12 degrees fahrenheit.  I checked my e-mail and found a note from my coach, advising us to bring yak trax, and maybe screw shoes for ice.  I said, “hell, no,” and went to a 6:30 meeting I haven’t been to in years instead.  It was a nice meeting.

I’ve hit the treadmill for 6 miles, I’ve taken down the Christmas tree and most of the decorations.  Not the nativity though, it will be here until Little Christmas on Jan. 6.  The 61st anniversary of my baptism.

I am ready to stop eating sweets, stop looking at glittering lights, stop all the trappings of this holiday.  I am ready to get back to the grind.

I did go shopping yesterday and was able to buy jeans a size smaller than the last pair.  woooooo hoooooo.  Three sizes smaller than a year ago.  (She writes while eating m&m’s and pretzels, oh well, a girl has got to eat!)

I have a ton of things I would like to write about but they would all take work.  Research, lots of thought, and careful writing – not like this slop!  Another day.

O sing a new song to the Lord, sing to the Lord all the earth.  O sing to the Lord, bless his name.  — Psalm 95:1


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7 Responses to Back to it

  1. Syd says:

    I am okay that the holiday will be over on New Year’s day. Ready for things to return to stasis.

  2. I hate to appear stupid, but with as much as you run, why did you need to lose weight?

    • I had gained over 10 pounds over the two years I was training for marathons. I can’t seem to train for a marathon without gaining weight. All that running makes a girl hungry. In 2012, I went on a one month severe diet, followed by a sane, vegetarian diet since. Amazingly enough it seems to be working.

      • Thank you for this. I have truly been wondering why some runners gain weight. I come from a family of runners and all of them appeared emaciated during the height of their careers. I am beginning to think that it just might be how we’re put together. We are a solid people, but I think that the weight tends to fly off when the extreme exercising kicks in. While I don’t run, I have found that to be the case when I am in the gym or the dance studio. However, I have also wondered if my some of my brothers and my mom might struggle with the same eating and exercise disorder that nearly took my life 20 years ago.

        Here’s to a great New Year, sister. Go with God.

  3. Mary LA says:

    So sad about your park. And I’m looking forward to reading what you are planning to write, when you get time to write! I must go and think about my own resolutions —

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