Christmas Eve

IMG_3858Today I am imagining riding on a donkey when about to give birth.  Going to Bethlehem in order to be counted in the census.  How uncomfortable, how painful.  And yet at the end, the joy of the birth of the Baby Jesus.  I grew up with this story from my own cradle, so I have said the “baby was laid in a manger” as if that is a normal thing.  As I said it from rote and didn’t consider what a humble beyond humble start our own Lord had.  It is a great consolation to me this year.

I am haunted by the sight I beheld for an hour yesterday at the meeting.  A beautiful woman in a black suit.  She usually comes dressed like that because she hits the meeting on the way to church.  She looked great yesterday, but after a while, I noticed that her skirt was quite short and she was sitting in a way that “nice” women in short skirts never would.  Then I looked at her face and saw that her eyes were crossing, just before closing for a while before opening with a start.  Then I looked closer and realized that she hardly looked like herself and she must be drunk.  So so so so sad.  I cannot imagine the pain of going to an AA meeting drunk.  But I have known many who have done it and later gotten sober.  After the meeting, she was surrounded by women.  Bless them all, I know she will be cared for.  And for some of us, it was a sad reminder of how wonderful it is to be sober.

I’ve got a huge day ahead.  One I am looking forward to greatly.  Cooking all day.  Feeding my family.  Opening the small things I have wrapped so beautifully and placed beneath the small tree.   There will be no drunken fights, no broken glass, no shame tomorrow.

I will go to Mass at my new church tomorrow.  I am so excited to be going to this wonderfully holy place.  No drums and guitars, no cutesy sermons, no stuff that I needed so much when I came back to the church.  I am glad that in God’s economy there is a place for everyone.  I think I have finally found mine.

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden.  For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed; for he who is might has done great things for me, and holy is his name.  — Luke 1:46-49


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8 Responses to Christmas Eve

  1. Syd says:

    I hope that the woman who was drunk will find some peace within. Good that she was surrounded by those who can help her.
    Enjoy the day, MC. We are doing cooking here as well.

    • Bambusue, forgive me for leaving my reply under Syd’s comment and vice versa. Having some technical difficulties this morning.

      Welcome to my blog and than you so much for commenting!

  2. Warm wishes for blessings the whole time, faithful blogger! I appreciate your being here! From Bambusue

  3. Annette says:

    Oh that poor woman. She knew exactly where to go though. Isn’t that a beautiful thing…the rooms are a safe place to go when you know you’ve lost your way and you need help to find your way back to where you belong.

    • Sometimes I wish they weren’t such a “safe” place for people to come to when they’ve gotten drunk, it might encourage them to stay sober. Sounds cruel, but if I thought I could have gotten attention by getting drunk when I was new, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt I would have done it. But those old geezers would not indulge me.

      I know that others have had other very different experiences. I truly hope this woman will find her way. She is a lovely young woman.

  4. Mary LA says:

    I’m so glad that poor woman found herself among friends. Have a blessed peaceful time Mary Christine

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