Another 24º

IMG_5657My daughter and I agreed that we would like to make small wall-hanging size quilts with the flag of the State of Colorado.  They will be pretty once we figure out how to get them together.  We threw up our hands in despair and went to a local quilt shop, where we got some great ideas.  We will attack it again soon.

Mass was like bookends on my day, early morning for the Immaculate Conception, evening for the Second Sunday in Advent.  What an awesome day!  I went to the church I have just recently re-discovered for the Sunday Anticipated Mass.  As I was leaving, the deacon stopped me and asked if I was just visiting because he has seen me a lot recently.  I told him I had just found the church and intend to join.  He directed me to the forms for new parishioners.  Isn’t that amazing that someone would notice me?  I am thrilled about that church.  I can see why there aren’t many members though.  The sermon last night was about the fact that it is a sacrilege to receive communion when you are not in a state of Grace.  He talked about confession, and he talked about hell.  These topics don’t tend to fill up the pews.  But I will be happy to occupy my little space and kneeler.

This morning I went to a wonderful AA meeting.  We celebrated 4 birthdays, from 60 days to 21 years.  One of my old friends celebrated 21 years today, but he couldn’t get to the meeting – he lives in the mountains and we had snow last night.

IMG_5659As I sat at the table at the meeting, I thought about the fact that someone had taken the time to decorate the room.  The festive sparkly table cloth, the pine scented candles, the ornaments, and the snowflakes glued to the lampshades.  I also realized with regret that there was a time when I would have thought the whole thing was just cheesy.  Today it was beautiful.  And the longer I looked at what was in front of me on that table, the more I wanted to take a picture (without people in it, mind you).  What a perfect scene from a meeting…. big book with chocolate cake on it, a half-eaten pie, donuts, and for some reason, no coffee!  After the meeting, I thanked the woman who decorated the room.

And then I stood with a man I have come to really think a lot of.  We talk after the Sunday meeting every week.  And he texts me later in the day to tell me how much he enjoyed seeing me – and calls me sweetheart.  Last week he brought a tear to my eye when he talked in the meeting about his late mother.  He said he thought he was sober because of her prayers.  He said she wore out several sets of Rosary beads praying for him.  Isn’t that sweet?

Now I am going to make the treats I am taking to work tomorrow for gifts for my co-workers.

Have a wonderful day.

For with God nothing will be impossible.  — Luke 1:37



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2 Responses to Another 24º

  1. Syd says:

    Just the fact that people get together to have a meeting and share is pretty amazing. I am happy that there are those who take the time to add a little bit extra this time of year. My wife still bakes for her Wednesday night meeting–she has been doing this for a few years now. And she goes early to make the coffee. It makes her happy.

  2. kelly says:

    I made one quilt for my son a few Christmases ago, and it was so rewarding (and hard!!)! I hope to make another one day.

    Funny what you said about the sermon. We had our priest finally retire…he was in his 80’s and ready to get out of there…but before he left his sermons were usually that type. I think it is important to here a mix of the different types of sermons. You know, some fire and brimstone-esque and some a little more hope-filled. Anyway, I’m glad you’ve found a place you like!

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