A Little House

When I was at the church on Saturday, working on my icon, I decided I could go the one block to my old house and take a picture.  I loved this house.  I lived there for three years as I was recovering from my divorce.  I would have liked to buy it, but in the 3 years I lived there, the neighborhood was “gentrified” and I could no longer afford it.  Even though it is a tiny house with crumbling foundation, it is worth lots of money, just for its location.  I ran into my old landlady a year or so ago, and she still misses me.  I miss her too.

I think of the fact that if I lived in that house, I could ride my bike to work every day.  I could walk over to the icon workshop.  I could pop over to my homegroup without driving 30+ miles.  Oh well.  I moved close to my job 14 years ago.  And now it is not close to my job.  But I do live less than a mile from my daughter, and three miles from my son… and that is all worth a log.

I didn’t have time to write this as I started, and now I need to leave for the bus.  The nice bus.  I needed to get to an unexpected meeting yesterday and rode the regular bus home – an hour on a crowded bus with the unwashed masses.  I have no prejudice except that of hygiene.  I had to pray not to throw up or panic.  The odor was so bad.  The saints who have visited hell report that the smell is horrifying.  That alone should lead me to a live where I strive to be a saint!

No time for quote, sorry.


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7 Responses to A Little House

  1. I will be the first to admit that I have moderate to severe hygiene hangups. Odors are the worse, and then there is the tangible things that I wont even go into in this comment. As a massage therapist, I experience quite a bit. Don’t even get me started.

    Your house reminds me of some of the homes in my neighborhood. I like small 🙂

  2. I have a thing about odors too. And breath-a-phobia. Coupled with an acute sense of smell, it can lead to some uncomfortable situations, such as on the bus. Praying that I can see the beauty in people who are rude and smell bad.

    As you can see, I have a lot of work to do… 🙂

    As a massage therapist, you must run into some amazing things. I really can’t imagine.

  3. Mary LA says:

    Lovely compact little house, although I also like the house you are in now, from the pics I have seen. Public transport can be so stressful —

    • If my current house were in my former neighborhood, it would be perfect! The buses I normally ride are so plush and nice. Full of nice clean people who say “Good Morning!” “Please”, and “Thank you.” That sounds simple, but it is a difference of night and day.

  4. Syd says:

    I don’t mind most odors but have to say that human feces is bad and bad breath is awful.

  5. kelly says:

    I can’t seem to find the entry I’m looking for, so I’ll just stop here and comment.
    I want you to know that you really inspire me, the way you deal with your depression and the way you are so vocal about your faith. I read daily, but I’m always scared to comment here. I think it is because you have so many readers…it makes me a little nervous to open myself up to that. Anyway, the other day you said something about thanking God for the little Indian psychiatrist he sent you. I am thankful for my psychiatrist, too, and I do believe God sends people into our lives for a reason. I’m done rambling now 🙂

    • Kelly, Thanks for commenting. I am always a little bit relieved when people say they find some little inspiration from my endless complaining!

      I hate to hear that you are afraid to comment. There were nasty people who read my old blog, but I think I have lost them now. I hope you will feel comfortable commenting.

      I have a hard time blogging when I get no comments, it feels so pointless to me.

      Thanks for taking the time for this kind comment 🙂

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