Winter’s Arrival

This morning’s view of the geraniums on my front porch.  Normally, I take my flowers inside and try to coax them through the winter.  This year, I decided I would rather spend a few dollars in the spring than have geraniums all over the house, with their piles of dead leaves and flowers all around.

It’s a bit of a nightmare to have a dog running in and out of the house in this weather.  I mopped the floor about 15 times last night.  I think you have to be able to tolerate dirty floors and snot all over the walls to love a dog properly.  I am not in that category.  I watched the debate the other night and saw something awful on Mitt Romney’s face.  I thought “Oh No!  what did his make-up person DO to him???”  And then they switched over to Mr. Obama’s face, and he had the same creepy slime dripping down his face. The logical conclusion?  The slime was on the television, not the debaters.  It is everywhere in this house.

Yesterday I was profoundly discouraged.  Convinced that I would lose my job due to diminished intellectual functioning – due to depression.  My boss asked me to walk to Starbuck’s with her.  She asked me how I was feeling and reported to me that I seem to be focused and back to “normal.”  I breathed a big sigh of relief.  She said that in the prior weeks, I had at least three things going on my two monitors, my phone glowing, while I was on the other phone talking about something entirely different.  Wow.  no wonder I am still tired!

I am turning this over to God, sincerely and totally, every single day.  I truly do not know where I will end up, but I am trusting God with it.  To the best of my ability, anyway.

He it was who formed the mountains, created the wind, reveals his mind to man, makes both dawn and dark, and walks on the top of the heights of the world;  the Lord, the God of Hosts, is his name.  — Amos 4:13



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3 Responses to Winter’s Arrival

  1. Dave U says:

    … a clear recognition of who and what we are.

  2. Syd says:

    That dog looks so cute. He has the saddest expression–almost as if he is saying, “But please love me anyway, even with the feet and the slime.”

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