Is Blogging Interfering with Life Activities?

The answer is a resounding “YES.”

It is 7:01 a.m., I am here, as always in my jammies, and all the rest of the “just out of bed” look.  (which may be cute when you are 20, but certainly is no longer at 60.)

I need to be on the bus in less than an hour …. etc., you hear it every morning.

And yet, here I am.  Pounding on the keyboard rather than bathing.

I wonder what the other questions are for:

Do you have a problem with Blogging?

Perhaps we could apply the 12 steps.  But what a dull existence we would have if we tried to learn to Blog In Moderation.


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8 Responses to Is Blogging Interfering with Life Activities?

  1. Dave U says:


    I have gotten to where I do some of my morning post — the night before. Oh, my!

  2. Syd says:

    I have gotten to the point where I post if I have something to share. Some days I haven’t a thing to write about except the daily routine. So I wait until I feel the “need” to post.

  3. Mary LA says:

    No, I blog for about 15 minutes each day and it is like a conversation with sober friends for me. Because I can’t get to meetings, I depend on the Internet for community in many ways and bloggers who write about the ups and downs of sober living are offering a service to loners like me.

    • Thanks for that reminder Mary. I was kidding, as I am sure you know. But there was a kernel of truth in it because I frequently miss my bus, etc., because I spend too much time blogging. I need to blog at night.

  4. Jessie says:

    The blog reading has slowed considerably lately. Commenting is sporadic. The blog writing has stopped for now. I suppose I could come up with many reasonable explanations, but for now I just chalk it up to growth in other areas bleeding in and time being spent in other directions. I still love blogs and the fellowship here, so I am grateful that people continue to write.

    • I think you describe the course of blogging for most people. I have been blogging every day for 7 years, and probably won’t stop any time soon. It is disheartening though when people stop coming by and stop blogging 😦

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