Too much to do…


Yesterday, I walked to the flower shop at the Brown Palace and bought myself a rose to have on my desk this week.  It is pretty and it smells good.  Before I grew roses I never knew how much better I would like home grown roses…. but it is October after a hot dry summer and I have no roses growing.

Yesterday I went to work still full of excitement from the race.   After an hour or so, I deflated like a dead balloon.  The day was torture.  I was in pain.  I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open.  I hope today is better because I have two very high visibility meetings where I need to be sharp, and then I am speaking at a meeting tonight!  Oh, how I wish I could just stay home and chill for a couple of hours!

Yesterday it occurred to me that I used to get something I called “post-race depression.”  I think it was very transient, and I don’t believe I have had it for a few years, but I am a bit terrified.  Right now I think I couldn’t live through one more day of depression.  God, please help me!

Tomorrow I am working at home because I don’t want to drive in this city on October 3, the day of the presidential debate.  Six miles of I-25 will be closed for five hours.  I will just work right here and not get in my car at all.  Some weather reports are also predicting snow on Wednesday night!  How fun (if I am at home)!

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you — Jeremiah 1:4-5

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8 Responses to Too much to do…

  1. Dave U says:

    I couldn’t help but smile a little when you said you would love to stay home and chill for a couple of hours. If you’re anything like me, that couple of hours would become most of the day.

  2. luluberoo says:

    Oh geez…the debates.

  3. sydlaughs says:

    II think it sounds great to stay home. And doubly so with snow!

  4. Roses bring such joy. Thanks for sharing your bloom!

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