Every morning, I heat water and pour it over a cone filter with fresh ground coffee, and allow it to drip directly into my cup.  For my one cup of coffee.  I have a coffee maker for when I have guests because I find others to be intolerant of the way I make (very delicious) coffee.  While my daughter has been here, the coffee maker has died.  I tried to teach her to make coffee this way, but she too has little patience for it.  So this morning, I got out the step ladder, and pulled from my uppermost cabinet this old percolator that I am sure has never moved since I moved here, now eleven years ago.

I brewed up a pot of coffee this morning.  I am not going to buy another coffee maker – I don’t use them, and my guests are not here often enough to cater to them – so there!  This coffee is strong and kind of bitter like the coffee I remember from my childhood.  I think my mother used this exact kind of percolator – she loved Corning Ware.

I picked up my race packet last night and bought some shot bloks for the race.  I have a race belt all ready – but I am thinking I might need to wear my camelbak so that I can stash my jacket.  I don’t think I can start this race in my sleeveless top.  I have arm warmers, but I think I may need more than that.  It was 46 degrees outside this morning at 6:30, so I expect tomorrow will be much the same.  Sleeveless and 46 degrees is not going to work.  But later in the race, when it is in the 60s and perhaps 70s, I will appreciate the bare arms.

It is so happy to be in a quiet home on a Saturday morning.  My daughter and her massive drooling dog are still asleep downstairs.  The aroma of coffee is wafting through the air.  I have no where to go until 4:30 when I will go to Mass.  I need to do my grocery shopping, but I can do that any time.

I read an article today on the silly music that since the 60s has become the norm at Mass in the US.  I have felt that I was being critical and picky when I didn’t like it.  But I think I got some insight this morning into why I so don’t like it.  Tonight I am going to drive the 13.5 miles to the church where my class is held – where the music is sacred and the Mass feels like a Mass.  Plus, I can go to confession before Mass – three confessionals!  Very little waiting!  I always like to go to confession before a race.

I’m probably boring when I am happy, but I’d rather be boring than depressed!

When you send forth your spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the earth.  — Psalm 104:30


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13 Responses to Percolating

  1. Annette says:

    I love vintage appliances. Good for you!

  2. Hope says:

    That was an interesting article to read! I’ve been Catholic for less than a decade and so don’t know any other music than what is used today. I’d be interested in going to the different parishes that you have the option to attend and see how it is.

  3. Mary LA says:

    That article is interesting and so is that old percolator! I used to sit with clenched jaws through folk masses the American style. Good luck for your race today.

    • I think it is really difficult to sit through all of that camp-fire music – oh, and the merry-go-round music thrown in for good measure.
      Thanks for the good wishes on the race!

  4. sydlaughs says:

    I remember the old percolators. We used to use the filter system until we bought a Keurig. Hope all goes well with the race.

  5. I had to sit through mass every morning before school because the gates on my Catholic school weren’t open when my mom would drop me off. I had to sit in the church until I could enter the grounds. That 6:30 mass was old school. Not a lot of English speakers in my community and certainly no band. That was saved for the Saturday night service.

  6. luluberoo says:

    K is right. When my old roommate of 30 some years ago gave me a ride to work (I didn’t have a car) I had to go to 6:30 mass with her first. I had no choice if I didn’t want to wait in the freezing cold for a city bus that might or might not come. Anyway, there were only 8-10 people in the church ever, and it was definitely “old school.” The former Franciscan monastery and church has since been sold.

    • Again, I am sorry that Mass was something you had to endure to get a ride. The church looks beautiful.

      • luluberoo says:

        I’m rereading my comment, and I suppose it could be construed that I “endured.” Actually, I did have a choice, but went with my room mate because 6:30 mass was an inviolate part of her day. We were best friends, and I didn’t see it as punishment. Admittedly, at 20 years of age, I would have rather slept in, but I learned something about the Church, about friendship, and about true faith from the experience.

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